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OTC Drugs for Yeast Infection
Don't Work in the Long Run

Over-the-counter drugs treating candidiasis (yeast infection) have their place and may work well in the short term. However, physicians treat this problem as well. So, the question arises, when does one avail themselves of nonprescription drugs and when is a visit to the physician warranted?

OTC Drugs For Yeast Infection

Why opt for Over-the-counter drugs?

If an individual will be taking antibiotics in the treatment of a bacterial infection, one may add a nonprescription anti-Candida drug for preventive measures against getting a yeast infection as one is more vulnerable to fungal attack at this time.

One may also buy non-prescription medicine for relief of fungal infections, especially if it is at a time when the physician is unavailable. However, should there be any question as to the compatibility of the over-the-counter medication and the drugs that are being taken, consult with your physician before adding any new drugs to your regimen.

Choosing OTC Drug Products

Antifungal medications come in various forms- suppositories, tablets and creams. Each form may contain additional ingredients for symptom relief such as topical anesthetics or antihistamines which reduces swelling and itch.

While trying to make you’re choice, bear in mind that the vaginitis may not be stemming from a yeast infection. Bacterial and viral infections cause similar symptoms and if there is a question as to the cause, it would be prudent to visit your physician for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. Also note that symptom relief may be from the antihistamines without actually treating the yeast/fungal infection itself.

Consider too, getting to the cause of the yeast infection. Alter your diet and decrease carbohydrates and foods rich in sugars.

OTC Medicines for Vaginal Candidiasis (Yeast Infection)

Almost all OTC medicines, which relieve yeast vaginitis symptoms, contain one or more of the following:

•   Clotrimazole

•   Miconazole

•   Tioconazole

•   Butoconazole nitrate

All the above medicines work in a similar fashion to treat vaginal yeast infection. They can destroy the cell wall of the Candida microbe and hence give temporary relief from the condition.

However, these medicines are not a panacea. They come with a set of adverse reactions which, if gotten, can be quite insufferable.

These include:

·     Clotrimazole: burning sensation, redness and itching.

·     Miconazole: diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, fever and chills.

·     Tioconazole: rash, itching, swelling, vaginal pain and stomach cramps.

·     Butoconazole nitrate: vaginal burning , itching, soreness, vaginal discharge

Because these drugs do not attack the root cause of the infections, these drugs are ineffective in the long run.

Causes to address in the etiology of Candidiasis:

•   Poor diet

•   Stress

•   Hormonal imbalance

•   Recurrent bacterial infections

In order to cure vaginal yeast infection, you need a safe, comprehensive and multidimensional holistic approach, which can employ its unique wisdom to guarantee a complete cure from vaginal yeast infection.

Holistic treatment is completely natural and takes a totalitarian approach for treating the basic underlying cause of this condition. The holistic approach takes into consideration all the causative factors of external and internal elements. Unlike the OTC medicines for vaginal yeast infection, holistic approach is not restricted to hackneyed rules of treatment. This approach also enables a woman to be both physically and mentally capable of fighting vaginal yeast infections even after the treatment is over. Therefore, for permanent relief from this dreadful condition seek help from a holistic approach.

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