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Drinking Beer and Anti Candida
Treatment Controversy

The basic principle for an anti-Candida diet is not to feed the yeast-beast. It appears a humongous task to maintain a diet that avoids everything that feeds yeast, but key thing to remember is that it is only needed short term for a maximum of six weeks. The logic that works behind an anti-Candida diet is that, the more you meet the terms with it, the more quickly Candida starves to death. So, is drinking beer and anti candida diet related?

Anti Candida And Beer

The only important part of your food that is a big no for such a diet is sugar and yeast that can ferment, and hence, increase and help the growth of Candida. Hence, it is suggested to begin a Candida diet by cleansing the body and storing all the tempting no-no food, including beer, into a box, away from sight, only to be enjoyed later when your are victorious over the over-growing Candida in the body.

Anti-Candida diet prescribes avoiding aged cheeses, alcohol, chocolate, dried fruits, fresh fruits, fermented foods, mushrooms, vinegar, glutenous foods, all sugars, honeys and syrups, and foods that contain yeast. The restrictions in consumption of alcohol include wines, beer, champagne, whiskey, brandy, gin, rum, vodka, liqueurs, cider, root beers.

The anti-Candida diet works towards cleansing the Candida affected body by not feeding them any more sugar. Since, alcohol is high in sugar that can feed the growth of the Candida yeast and put stress on your organs and immune system, it is advised to put it away. Enjoying beer along with the existence of Candida is putting things literally on the rocks!  Though exclusion of major food groups and addictives make anti-Candida diet tough, but the fact that one can go back to good old times are reasons enough to hold the horses back. Until you have successfully thrown the excess bacteria out, you have to follow the holistic ways to get back to normal.

So what does one drink while starving the Candida? You can try water-filtered decaffeinated coffee, malt-free coffee substitutes, herb teas, madura, Formosan and rooibos teas, plain and sparkling mineral water, filtered tap water, malt-free soya milk, home squeezed grapefruit juice, homemade lemon barley water, Pau D’Arco tea, unsweetened carob, all vegetable juices, lemonade made from one part unsweetened apple juice to seven parts plain or mineral water etc. All one needs to remember that cutting down on that wine now is stretching the diet even longer. So a few days off them and then you include that glass of wine back once the diet starts working! Balancing the diet you have is all that takes to tame the Candida in control. However, just cutting down on beer and following an anti candida diet will not ensure a complete cure. To get rid of candidiasis permanently, you need to follow a wholesome, holistic treatment.

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