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The Surprising Link between Antibiotics and Yeast Infection EXPOSED

Can the use of antibiotics cause yeast infection? I get this question a lot from my customers. The answer to this question is, admittedly, neither apparent nor easy. On one hand, recent medical researches support the link between the use of antibiotics and the aggravation of a medical condition known as yeast infection, or candidiasis. On the other hand, the underlying conditions that cause yeast infection are complex and not limited to the use of antibiotics.

Antibiotics Yeast Infection

The main agent causing candidiasis is Candida – a single-celled fungal yeast that is always present in the body. Normally, Candida is found in the human organism in small harmless amounts and is balanced by the friendly bacteria and a functional immune system. It is only when the normal ratio between the beneficial microorganisms and Candida shifts out of balance that the internal intestinal environment becomes a fertile ground for Candida overgrowth. At this stage Candida that typically resides in the digestive tract, tears the membranes of the intestines and penetrates the blood stream, thus causing the known yeast infection related symptoms.

While the root cause of yeast infection is complex and multi-factorial, certain conditions can trigger its occurrence, including the use of antibiotics. The long-term intake of antibiotics is notorious for creating a yeast-friendly environment within the gut for two of the following reasons:

·         Antibiotics compromise your immune system capabilities by killing the friendly bacteria as well as any other bacteria that you have in your intestines. Note that a strong, functional immune system is obligatory for controlling Candida.

·         Antibiotics disrupt the pH balance of the human body. The term pH stands for the balance between the negatively charged ions (alkaline-forming) and the positively charges ions (acid-forming). When the pH environment turns more acid (very common as a result of the long term use of antibiotics), the ideal environment that stimulates Candida multiplication is formed.

For the above-mentioned reasons, the intake of antibiotics should be avoided or at least minimized as much as possible. Note that most of us are often exposed to the use of antibiotics not only during certain medical treatments. Non-organic dairy products are loaded with antibiotics, among other byproducts. This is why dairy products should be replaced with healthier alternatives such as organic goat and sheep’s milk products.

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