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Try At Home Enema Recipes For Candida!

Enema, a therapeutic aid, is an excellent way to expel unwanted toxins, pathogens, and faecal matter which the body is not able to discharge by itself and which accumulate in the colon, providing a smug environment for the Candida microbes to thrive. Enema is usually done by rinsing the colon with water and flushing out the accumulated waste inside. Enema helps to cleanse the colon, facilitate bowel movement, and repopulate colon with useful bacteria. Although it is a medical procedure, it can be easily administered at home using simple e
nema recipes for eliminating Candida.

At Home Enema Recipes For Candida

The Process

·         Rinse the enema equipment properly and fill it with water. It is strictly recommended to use either distilled water or filtered water at temperatures just slightly higher than body-temperature. If tap water is being used, it should be boiled, then kept uncovered for 30 minutes and then temperature should be moderated to same as above (i.e. slightly warmer than body level).

·         Use the oil to lubricate your anus and also the first few centimetres of insertion tip of the enema tube.

·         To obtain optimum water-pressure, the bladder should be suspended about 3 feet above the floor. Too high and the water will flow too rapidly, too low and flow won’t be good enough. So adjust to a height that works for you. The body can be positioned most effectively by laying on the floor face-down and buttocks-up.

·         The enema tip should be incorporated fully into the anus tip and a steady flow of water should be maintained. If you feel any resistance during insertion, stop. You’ve most likely come across an obstacle. Simply change the bearing slightly to bypass the obstacle till you can insert conveniently.

·         Try to retain the liquid solution for 5 to 15 minutes prior to expelling. Then just relax and use the toilet for a while to continue to expel for the next few minutes.


·         Sensation of slight cramps may be anticipated. Massaging the abdomen gently can bring relief and also instil the fluid deeper inside your colon. After you have taken in the amount of fluid that you can hold with comfort without pain or constant cramping, begin by massaging from the bottom-left corner of your abdomen, up toward your ribs. Then massage across your upper abdomen toward the right side, guiding the water across the transverse colon. Finally, massage down the right side of your abdomen toward your pelvis to move the water into the ascending colon. Massage in the opposite direction when eliminating the enema solution. However, if you are really uneasy, let go, and try again after some time.

·         DO NOT TRY ENEMA if you already have a medical condition that may be affected by it, such as a colon surgery. In such a case, seek advice of your physician prior to attempting enema.

·         It is advised to try a lower volume enema on the first attempt - ranging from one cup to one quart of water. A “full” enema would mean up to three quarts at one go.

·         Usually you can go for two or three good enemas consecutively, or until you have ceased passing faecal matter. The third enema solution should preferably contain replenishing micro-organisms, (specifically, a potent strain of live bifidus) to keep the colon occupied with the beneficial organisms. The more good microbes, the less space for Candida to breed.


Occasionally, water in enema is mixed with other ingredients to obtain specific results. Here is a compilation of special enemas which are known to be useful in Candida treatment – it is recommended to practise first with a simple water enema and then move to more specific ones.

·         Yoghurt enema. Home-made yoghurt is recommended as it contains useful bacteria which help in cleansing and also re-colonisation of beneficial flora.

·         Garlic-Epsom salt enema. Three cloves of garlic are chopped and boiled in two quarts of water, simmered for five minutes. Add to it 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt and use while warm. The Epsom salt magnifies the amount of water-intake by the intestine coupled with a laxative effect.

·         Salt water enema. This prevents accumulation of water in the kidneys.

·         Wheat grass enema.

·         Apple cider vinegar enema.

·         Coffee enema. Regular ground coffee is employed to detoxify the liver.


Please note that any acid containing enemas (vinegar, lemon juice, etc) can burn you colon mucosa (inner layer). Make sure the concentration is accurate.

Candida yeast infection may attack your system due to a variety of reasons, including a feeble immune system, nutritional deficiency, presence of toxins inside the body, mental stress, hygiene issues and even an unhealthy sex life. Thus, while enema can facilitate cleansing of internal toxins, a full-proof elimination of Candida is possible only by remedying all the above mentioned factors. This idea is at the core of holistic treatment of yeast infection and is absolutely imperative if you wish to live a completely yeast-infection-free life.

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