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Baby Yeast Infection on Face: How to Cure Baby Yeast Infection for Good

Most parents are horrified to discover yeast infection on the face of their precious babies. Unfortunately, baby yeast infection on face is a common condition that may be difficult to diagnose but easy to treat if certain guidelines are taken into consideration. This is not a life threatening condition. However, certain complications are possible if it is left untreated. As many people are unaware about baby yeast infection, they may fail to pay attention to the symptoms at the onset. Hence, you can save your baby from the wrath of this condition with the help of an insightful treatment method.

Baby Yeast Infection On Face

Factors of baby yeast infection:

Baby yeast infection on face is caused due to the overgrowth of Candida fungi. There are many reasons why this normally placid fungus, found in all human beings, starts multiplying rapidly. A few of the many factors are mentioned below:

         Use of antibiotics: Antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria that control the growth of candida. As candida overgrowth causes yeast infection, the use of antibiotics for extensive period of time will make your baby more vulnerable to this condition.

         Transmission from mother to child: Mothers who have yeast infection may pass this infection to their baby during breastfeeding.

         Warm or humid weather conditions: Candida thrives in moist and warm weather condition. Hence, it is essential that you pay special attention to your little one during such conditions.

         Unclean pacifiers and bottles: Non - sterilized bottles and pacifiers can promote the growth of Candida due to moist conditions. Hence, your baby can get more susceptible to yeast infection.


There are many symptoms relating to yeast infection on the face of the baby but the most common symptoms include white colored discharge or fluid from the mouth of the baby, appearance of small white patches on the cheeks and also on other parts of the mouth and the face. Symptoms may also vary from one baby to another. Hence, anything extraordinary should be checked out immediately.


Parents attempt to treat baby yeast infection on face by making use of different treatment methods. While some go in for conventional medicine, others attempt to make use of home remedies for treating this condition. Unfortunately, these remedies do not work as they fail to attack the root cause of yeast infection. Remedies like application of yogurt on the face of the baby are effective to treat the symptoms of the condition.  However, as the underlying root cause is not eliminated, yeast infection is not cured completely. To cure yeast infection you should instead try a natural and effective holistic approach. Holistic approach is the best form of treatment as it is comprehensive and multidimensional. Hence, all aspects of yeast infection can be addressed with this approach. Also, holistic approach attacks the root cause of the infection thereby eliminating baby yeast infection on the face completely. Based on natural cure, this approach is extremely gentle with the baby and causes no side effects. Its aggression against the disease is however apparent to parents who witness for themselves the amazing recovery of their little one from the clutches of the dreaded and cruel yeast infection.

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