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Baby Yeast Infection - Are You Doing Enough?

Baby yeast infection can be an extremely uncomfortable experience for your baby. Like any other yeast infection, it is also caused by overgrowth of the Candida in the infantís body. Yeast infection in babies is often confused with a diaper rash. A diaper rash is just that Ė a rash caused by inappropriate wearing of diapers. Although a yeast infection in infants is also manifested by rashes, these rashes cannot be cured unless the yeast is eliminated. Baby yeast infection occurs in two forms, namely oral thrush and infection along genitals and abdomen.

Baby Yeast Infection


  • A baby may acquire yeast infection while passing through the cervical canal of a yeast-infected mother during delivery.
  • If the mother was on an antibiotic course during pregnancy, then she is likely to have a very low amount of probiotics in her body. Hence, the baby also obtains little or no probiotics from the motherís body. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that check Candida overgrowth by maintaining the pH balance and by leaving less room for the Candida to thrive. In the absence of probiotics, the baby has high chances of developing yeast infection.
  • In a similar way, if the baby itself is given antibiotics after birth, it will be very susceptible to Candidiasis.
  • If a baby has oral thrush, then it can also acquire yeast infection in the genitals, as the food that passes through the yeast-infected mouth comes out of the genitals in the form of stool.
  • If the diapers are not changed frequently, and the babyís surroundings are not clean and dry, then the Candida can easily breed in the damp, warm conditions of the babyís genitals and abdomen.
  • Breastfed babies, if infected with oral thrush, pass on the infection to their motherís breasts. Even if the baby is treated for thrush, it can acquire it again when it feeds from its motherís breasts the next time. So, mothers should be extremely careful about cleaning their breasts thoroughly before feeding the baby.
  • If the baby is inherently low in immunity and does not receive adequate nutrition, it can easily acquire Candida yeast infection.
  • Inappropriate bathing of the child can also trigger yeast infections. Harsh soaps can irritate the skin by making it extremely dry and can initiate Candidiasis.


         Flat, reddish swellings with scalloped edges which are surrounded by red and white spots.

         Itching of genitals and abdomen accompanied by bleeding.

         Abnormal whitish or whitish-gray discharge from the genitals.

         Formation of a creamy, white plaque on the tongue, gums, tonsils and oral mucosa.

         Irritability and lack of sleep.


Applying artificial anti-fungal agents such as Nystatin twice a day is usually prescribed as per conventional treatment. But this can cause side-effects in babies and so it is best to use natural cure as far as possible. Changing diapers frequently, keeping the genitals dry with non-starchy powder, and applying plain, unprocessed, unheated and unpasteurized yoghurt topically to replenish probiotics are some of the natural remedies.

Use of diaper cream with pure tea tree oil, aloe, etc. also helps to reduce infection. Washing the infected areas in warm water twice a day has proven to be highly beneficial. Diapers should be loose enough to allow air to flow in.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to treat oral thrush by diluting it with water and applying it to the babyís mouth using a cotton swab.

Candida yeast infection in babies can be dangerous. Not only are the quick-fix medications patchy, temporary and ineffective, but also they come bundled with a host of side effects, and trigger the Candida to become chemically more resistant. A holistic treatment of the childís body deals with ALL the causes that contribute to yeast overgrowth, restores the natural vitality and immunity, and creates a hostile environment for this fungus. It is the only effective solution available to completely eliminate the infectious form of this microbe, and that too without any side-effects.

Baby Yeast Infection

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Baby Yeast Infection

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