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Best Meds for Yeast Infection EXPOSED

Though there are numerous over-the-counter drugs available for treating yeast infections, the best meds for yeast infection are altogether different. The latter, besides being effective, doesn’t have any nasty repercussions on your health. This is the reason that natural remedies are thought to be the best meds for yeast infection. Many people have this notion that grabbing some medications from the clinic or the pharmacy is the best thing to get rid of yeast infection. However, with a homemade remedy you get to save lots of money and also get better results.

Best Meds For Yeast Infection

One effective remedy for relieving yeast infection symptoms is plain yogurt as it is rich in acidophilus which are a natural yeast assassin. In case of a vaginal yeast infection, one can use a yogurt dipped tampon. Some people choose to use an organic unheated yogurt though it might sting a little initially it said to give a soothing sensation. Eating lots of yogurt would cause the yeast killer to directly enter our bodies and the painful symptoms of infection are expected to be relieved within two or three days. Though yogurt is known to alleviate the symptoms and discomfort associated with yeast infection, it is never to be treated as a complete cure. Also certain dairy products, especially those from cow’s milk tend to secrete viscous mucus and can take longer to digest. The resultant mucus buildup can sometimes manifest as yeast infections. A better alternative is goat’s and sheep’s milk but even those should be taken in moderation. Acidophilus is also present in certain other foods besides yogurt. Some health shops are also known to sell them in powdered form.

Gentian Violet is another widely prescribed remedy for yeast attacks; gently smear the substance with a cotton pad on the affected area. Gentian Violet is advised for Candida alibicans infections. This type of infection usually affects the insides of the mouth or the skin. A nurturing mother may experience sever pain if the yeast has struck the area around the areola.  Gentian Violet has been proven to be effective in clearing the infection of the areola. Usually one percent of gentian violet is mixed with a little of water which contains alcohol. Nowadays the alcohol is done away with and instead glycerin is used. Do wear gloves as it is pretty difficult to wash off if it gets on the skin. This is said to have worked just after a single application.

Apple Cider Vinegar is perhaps one of the best medicines for yeast infection, and the fact that is it is natural makes it the perfect choice. However many people shy away from using it directly on the affected area due to the sting but bathing in a apple cider vinegar solution or use after diluting it with water.

No matter what amount of medication you take, it is difficult to fully eradicate an infection so unrelenting. The only option is to incorporate a holistic solution with a multi-pronged holistic approach as even the best meds for yeast infection may not work cent percent.

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