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Can I Go Swimming with Yeast Infection?
Here's the ANSWER

Can I go swimming with yeast infection? Certainly yes! But like with any other unusual condition you would be in, there are precautions that should be kept in mind. When we talk of sudden physical irregularities, the keyword is always “caution.”

Can I Go Swimming With A Yeast Infection

Candidiasis, more commonly known as yeast infection, is a type of infection where yeast cells normally inhabiting our body enlarge and soon manifest themselves through symptoms like itchiness, soreness and burning. Although this may happen to everyone, it is more common for women to acquire such irritations in the vagina.

How to prevent this, you ask? When the pH level of our body – the alkalinity or acidity – is disrupted, it causes the fungi to overgrow. Basically, you just have to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially concerning your diet to avoid the infection. It is always advisable to exercise. But of course, no one can be sure when will such infection occur. So what if its spring break and you already have a yeast infection, will it ruin your plans of splashing in the sun?

There are a lot of misconceptions about this topic. Some people even think swimming becomes automatically prohibited once you get a yeast infection. In truth, physical activities are strongly recommended to yeast infection patients, since they can help to strengthen your body as a whole and to stabilize your immune system. Just remember to take necessary precautions.

As to what has been said earlier, you definitely can go swimming! Swimming makes you more active, thus, oxygenizing your body and increasing your immune system’s functions. But remember that since the irritation depends on the pH level of a specific part of our body, we should also consider the foreign elements that we are exposed to.

If you are going to swim, whether in a beach or a public pool, remember that fungi thrive in warm and damp areas. So be sure that your swimsuit or underwear is always dry in the fork area before you wear it. Also, even when you’ve already taken a shower, it is important to totally dry yourself. You can use a blower to be sure with it. After swimming, rinse yourself thoroughly to wash off the chlorine.

Bear in mind that while yeast infection symptoms can be relieved following a simple lifestyle and hygiene principles, almost all Candida infections are a warning sign of a major internal imbalance that needs to be properly addressed. Since the root cause of most yeast infections is yeast fungi overgrowth, unless you fix the internal problem that's causing this medical condition, the symptoms will re-appear after a while.

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