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Can I Pass a Yeast Infection to My Partner?
Here's the ANSWER

Can I pass a yeast infection to my partner? One of the most common questions when faced with a yeast infection is concerns about sex and the possibility of transferring to a partner. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Yeast infections can be transferred to your partner and continued sexual activity can also make the infection worse.

Can I Pass A Yeast Infection To My Partner

First of all, you should know that using a condom can reduce the risk of transferring the irritating disease. A condom prevents any passage of the infection from one partner to the other. You can also experience pain and additional irritation in the vaginal area, so its best not to engage in any sexual activity until the infection is cured. You may also want to discuss your yeast infection with your partner. Do not be embarrassed to bring up the possibility of sexual intercourse and transferring a yeast infection. This is a common issue that affects hundreds of couples.

Finding Relief from Yeast Infections Symptoms

Keep in mind, the longer you wait to cure the yeast infection, the longer those frustrating symptoms will inconvenience you. If you are continuing to have sex and your partner becomes infected with a yeast infection, both of you must remedy these fungal infections.  If only one cures the yeast infection and continues to have sex, you could re-infect your partner.

There are numerous natural home remedies aimed at tackling the yeast infection symptoms effectively and providing a quick relief of pain and discomfort:

         Soak in a warm bath with Epsom salt to relieve any pains. You may also add to your bathwater items to help cure the infection, such as: diluted apple cider vinegar, diluted tea tree oil, and oil of oregano to name a few.

         For internal use, dip a tampon into yogurt and insert into the vagina.  You can also dip the tampon into some diluted apple cider vinegar.

         Your partner can also use the same remedies to cure and calm any irritations.

         The male counterpart can rub garlic, tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar on any external irritations.

         Changes in your diet will help alleviate and prevent future outbreaks of the yeast infection.  Avoid any sugar, white flour, tap water and processed meats.

         Eat lots of organic fruits, vegetables and meats.  Consume yogurt on a daily basis.

         Engage in some exercise to relieve any stress from your life. Running, biking, meditation and yoga are great methods to relieve your mind and release toxins from your body.

While utilizing these natural remedies you should abstain from sexual activities for a few days, and give them a chance to work throughout your body and strengthen your immune system so you can avoid passing a yeast infection onto your partner.

Note that while the natural treatments mentioned above can bring about quick relief for your yeast infection symptoms they should not be confused with a complete holistic treatment, which tackles the underlying factors, and thus cures and prevents even the most severe cases. Without fixing the internal problem that is causing your yeast infection there can be no long-term solution for your condition.

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