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Can UTI Antibiotics
Cause A Yeast Infection?
But How?

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a very common disease among women. It is characterized by inflammations, which are caused by bacteria that enter the urinary tract via the urethra. Every year ten million women are estimated to seek medical help for urinary tract infection, and most of them are prescribed with antibiotics. So, can UTI antibiotics cause a yeast infection? A UTI antibiotic is essentially formulated to kill ALL the bacteria in your system – i.e., it can’t discriminate between the good and the bad. The more severe your infection, the stronger the antibiotic you are prescribed, and the more is its ability to kill microbes. While it does do a good job by killing the notorious bacteria in your urinary tract, it also ends up killing the beneficial bacteria in your gut and around genitals – called probiotics. A prolonged antibiotic course can actually deplete your body of ALL existing bacteria!

Can UTI Antibiotics Cause A Yeast Infection

Why is killing probiotics a bad idea?

There are a hundred trillion probiotics in a normal, healthy human being. They secrete chemicals, like lactic acid, butyric acid, B vitamins and vitamin K to facilitate digestion. They maintain pH balance in the gut and around genitals to create a less favourable environment for the Candida. They give less space to the Candida for overgrowth. Probiotics are the ‘live’ factors in your body which vehemently oppose Candida yeast infections. So, once you kill them – it’s party-time for the Candida!

It is reported by women all over the world that a treatment of urinary tract infection has been followed by a yeast infection. The most common mistake that they commit is that they take more antibiotics to kill the yeast, instead of replenishing probiotics in the system. While the Candida IS killed on taking antibiotics, it comes back as soon as your antibiotic course ceases to exert its impact.

Once yeast infection sets in, you will start experiencing symptoms like irritation, burning and itching of the vagina and abnormal vaginal discharge. Allowing it to intensify can lead to painful urination, anal rash, discomfort during sexual intercourse, leaky gut syndrome, and bloating, among other symptoms.

Is there a safer way?

Yes. One option is to cure the urinary tract infection naturally instead of resorting to antibiotics. By doing so, you will cure the disease without compromising on your internal defences upheld by the good microbes.

If natural cure for UTI is too lengthy / inconvenient for you and the UTI antibiotics are an imperative, a good idea would be to refill the void of probiotics in your system as soon as your antibiotic course is over. Apart from probiotic supplements, you can also gorge on yoghurt and kefir to retain your reservoir of probiotics. Make sure that the yoghurt is unheated, unprocessed, unpasteurized, and without any added sugar, additives or flavours. Taking inuflora powder, which is a food for probiotics, can cause new probiotics to multiply faster and get to work sooner. During the period when you consume UTI antibiotics, you should take extra care with regard to diet, lifestyle and stress management.

UTI antibiotics are known to trigger vaginal yeast infections, however, a host of other factors also significantly contribute to the occurrence (and recurrence) of yeast infections. Neutralizing the impact of UTI antibiotics may be good start to combat yeast infections, but it doesn’t end there. You should opt for the holistic treatment, which individually and collectively treats all the imbalances in your system, along with inculcation of daily hygiene practices in your lifestyle. Unless you do so, yeast infection is there in your body to stay. Going the holistic way also ensures that your treatment works WITH the natural working of your body, and not AGAINST it.

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