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Can Beer Make a Vaginal Infection Worse?

Can beer make a vaginal infection worse? Many yeast infection sufferers ask this question. Prior to discussing the dietary patterns that can aggravate vaginal yeast infection, let's briefly go over the root causes of this medical condition.

Can Beer Make A Vaginal Infection Worse

Candida albicans is a species of yeast that causes vaginal yeast infections on animals and humans. This species usually lives as a non-parasitic. This means that this type of yeast thrives in our intestines, vaginal surfaces and even bloodstreams without harming our bodies. What causes the infection, though, is its overgrowth as it combats other useful bacteria in the body without which can adversely affect the immune system and other metabolic processes.

One symptom of vaginal yeast infection is a white, thick discharge that usually smells like spoiled bread or beer, basically, much exactly like yeast. However, the yeast used in beer brewing and food processing is different from the pathogenic yeast in vaginal yeast infection. Again, Candida albicans is the yeast that infects the vulva. The one used in beer brewing is brettanomyces, or the food yeast.

Some health experts say that vaginal yeast infections can likely be obtained from too much beer and liquor and other yeast-based food. Others infer that the infection can be sexually transmitted as well. Male beer drinkers can develop skin yeast infection on the penis unconsciously. This condition is not harmful for him since the temperature outside the penis skin is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit where yeast remains dormant. Once yeast is transported to the vaginal canal, which warmth and moisture makes it conducive to yeast breeding, a vaginal yeast infection might occur.

However, most others say that there are no proven connections between diet and vaginal yeast infection as yet, given the fact that the candida yeast is a completely different type from brewer's yeast. The former being known as pathogenic while the latter as a staple ingredient in bread, beer, pastries, etc.

A few other specialists think that although beer and other liquor may not be a direct cause of vaginal yeast infection, it may aggravate the overgrowth of candida yeast in the body. What happens is that the yeast put in beer ferments sugar and other simple carbohydrates in it. So the more sugar one has to be fermented, the more reasons for whatever species of fungi - including candida albicans - to thrive and propagate in the body.

As we can see, there are varying schools of thought on whether or not beer may worsen vaginal yeast infection and that makes it hard for us to know the symptoms and the measures we need to take. If we don't have the infection, there is no harm to lower the consumption on beer and other alcoholic beverages. We may not avoid getting vaginal yeast infection by doing so, but we will surely avoid other known diseases caused by too much alcohol. Prevention and abstinence is never a bad thing.

Nonetheless, avoidance of beer and liquor is highly advised to women having recurring yeast infection to avoid further yeast development in the body.

Note that the above vaginal yeast infection dietary principles, including avoidance of beer, can be highly beneficial for controlling vaginal yeast infections, yet it is only a small part of the comprehensive holistic treatment.

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