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Can Yeast Infection be Passed
through Intercourse?

Most people have the same question to ask- can yeast infection be passed through intercourse. Although you might not have yeast infection, it is important that you know some of the basic causes of the disease. However, the answer for your question may be positive, since upon certain conditions yeast infection can be passed through intercourse - especially from female to male, but it can also be the other way from male to female. Yeast infection can also be triggered if you are allergic to condom or the lubricant on it. If the other partner has yeast infection then it is important that you keep away from physical relations until she or he has recovered.

Can Yeast Infection Be Passed Through Intercourse

However, the best way to know if you can be infected by yeast infection is by learning about the cause of the disease. In order to prevent or cure this disease, it is important that you understand why yeast infection is caused. It is important that you know that there is no single cause for yeast infection but there are several, like simple stress in life to hormonal changes and the transference through a sexual intercourse. As there is no single cause of yeast infection that can be isolated and pinpointed in order to prevent yeast infection, it is better that you become aware about them. This can help you avoid yeast infection.

Causative factors of yeast infection

One of the contributing factors for yeast infection is stress. When you live under stress for a long time, it might even change your hormones around and this can also cause a yeast infection. The hormonal changes are basically the key factor for triggering a yeast infection and are common among the lactating and pregnant women and those women who are menopausal. This also applies after and before the menstruation cycle as it also promotes a significant amount of hormonal upheaval. In addition to this, other key contributing factors for yeast infection among women can be through scented feminine douches, feminine sprays, hygiene products and the common use of spermicides.

Intake of antibiotics is also another major trigger of yeast infection. These antibiotics are actually taken in order to kill off the bad bacteria in your body. They can be considered as the demerit for bacteria and as they create an imbalance in the body they can usually promote the growth of the yeast infection bacteria. However the most common trigger for yeast infection among men is through sexual intercourse with yeast infection affected women. When a man is prone to yeast infections due to other causative factors then an exposure of his genital area to yeast infection aggravation can contribute to this medical condition. This would also include vaginal sex and oral sex.

Can yeast infection be passed through intercourse? is the first concern and second is its treatment. There are several ways you can relieve yeast infection symptoms, which can be through home remedies and through medical prescriptions. However, opting for a holistic treatment over other treatments would actually get you out from this disease as it basically addresses the root cause of the disease and thus cures yeast infection permanently.

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