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Can You Get a Yeast Infection
in Your Mouth?

Many people never believe the possibility of getting a yeast infection in the mouth. This is commonly known as “thrush” and is caused by the Candida Albicans yeast. It’s a common problem that affects more infants than adults. This yeast starts out as a harmless fungus that actually grows inside our bodies.  Thrush starts causing problems when this harmless yeast begins to grow out of control. If gone unnoticed, thrush can become painful, leading to difficulty in eating and drinking and eventually causing rashes on top of the tongue and gums.

Can You Get Yeast Infection In Your Mouth

Oral yeast infections more commonly affect the following categories of people:

·         Individuals who do not properly maintain their oral hygiene. 

·         People wearing dentures and more commonly, bad fitting dentures.

·         Diabetics.

·         People taking prescription medicines.

·         People with a history of antibiotics use, especially those with steroids and birth control.

 Signs and treatments for yeast infections in the mouth:

Some of the first signs of Candida Albicans or oral yeast infections are white spots on the tongue. A doctor or dentist can spot this first sign of fungus overgrowth in the mouth and prescribe a medicine to begin treatment.  Most likely, the physician will scrape the thick white spots off, showing red raw patches underneath. Those who wear dentures may have not show signs of these patches until they remove their dentures. Located underneath the dentures are usually the tell-tale signs.

 Discovering the root cause of your oral yeast infection will help to successfully cure the fungus overgrowth in your mouth.  Prepare a plan of attack for the whole body and you’re ready to enable a natural defense mechanism. Some simple home remedies to begin curing your oral yeast infection include an easy mouthwash made of water and a few drops of tea tree oil or simply eating natural, sugar free yogurt.  Yogurt is derived from natural live yeast and ingesting this will help to bring your bacteria levels back to normal. The home made mouthwash is to be used only to swish around inside the mouth.  You cannot ingest any of this homemade remedy because it is toxic. Use this as you would with any over the counter mouthwash; just swish around for a few minutes to thoroughly rinse.

Now that you know that you can get yeast infection in your mouth, you must pay attention to your oral hygiene. Bear in mind that most home remedies are not cures per se, since thrush is a complex condition triggered by several internal and external factors. Those oral yeast infection sufferers, who seek a permanent lasting solution for their medical condition, must adopt an all natural holistic approach. This approach addresses the human body as a whole and is focused on creating an internal balance, strengthening the immune system and enhancing mental stability.

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