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Can You Spread a Yeast Infection
to Your Sexual Partner?

Yeast infection is not considered to be a sexually transmitted disease; however, you can spread a yeast infection to your sexual partner. The bacteria are very contagious, and so, itís best to avoid any sexual intercourse when afflicted with a yeast infection and begin immediate treatment to eliminate the infection. While there are many forms of a yeast infection, the most common form is genital, due to the high moisture and restriction of ventilation in the genital area.

Can You Spread A Yeast Infection To Your Sexual Partner

The most common symptoms youíll notice of a yeast infection are the aggravating intense burning and itching in the vaginal area. Many times these symptoms become so extreme it's frequently difficult to walk or sleep due to the extreme irritation. These rashes are accompanied by a foul smelling white/yellowish discharge that becomes worse as the yeast infection progresses.

Avoiding Yeast Infection Aggravation:

         First, never self diagnose a yeast infection.  Always consult a doctor and be certain you donít have another problem.

         Some yeast infection prevention tips to help avoid recurring infections are to avoid using deodorant soaps, deodorant sprays and spritz near and around the vaginal area.

         Stop the use of any douching products and deodorant tampons.  The deodorants may smell nice but can disturb the natural alkaline balance within the vagina and push the infection farther up into the uterus.

         Wear cotton underwear.

         Avoid tight fitting clothing that doesnít allow proper ventilation to the genital area

         Avoid scratching in that area.  Yeast infections can be irritating until treated, but itching and scratching the area will cause abrasions and the area can become even more irritated.

         Avoid any sexual intercourse until the yeast infection is eliminated.  You can transfer the infection to your partner thereby creating a recurring contagious environment; transferring the yeast infection back and forth.

What Yeast Infection Treatments are Available?

If you want to avoid spreading a yeast infection to your sexual partner, you must treat it first. You can purchase yeast infection treatments without a prescription from the doctor, but these treatments mask your symptoms, not really providing a complete cure.  For those determined to treat themselves, an all natural holistic remedy can help manage and cure your yeast infection. Practice a natural holistic health program that combats stress and toxins, restores the body's inner equilibrium and establishes healthy and balanced physical and mental environment.

Did you know that all natural holistic approach will help build up your bodyís natural defense system to prevent yeast infections lastingly and permanently?

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