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An INSIGHT into Candida Cause

Candida cause is not quite difficult to understand. This is basically yeast like fungus which, when present in excess, can play havoc with the health of a person. It normally exists in the body of every individual, but due to certain causes, their overgrowth results in fungal infections in intestinal section or even in the vaginal tract. Candida tends to overgrow due to a variety of reasons which we shall now study.

Candida Cause

What Causes Candida?

Many feel that Candida is a type of yeast infection that just happens on its own and there is no reason as such behind this problem. Anyhow, not many are aware that some reasons are a catalyst in the aggravation of Candida. The areas that let the fungus grow and are moist are the ones most prone to Candida.

The factors that may lead to Candida are varied and some of them are mentioned as follows. Pregnancy triggers vaginal tract infections and Candida is the most famous of them. Even Diabetes mellitus or herpes simplex and AIDS are major factors that trigger Candida. Excessive sugar intake also tends to make internal parts of our body extremely moist and this situation facilitates growth of Candida. Even if you wear extremely tight clothing, you might stand a chance to incur Candida. Many doctors prescribe antibiotics and if you consume too much of these, you stand a chance to get Candida.

Oral contraceptives are also a famous Candida causative factor. The bacterial balance in the body is disturbed by artificial hormones that are present in these prescriptions. The antibiotics that might really aggravate the situation are Erythromycine and Tetracycline. Stress also leads to Candida and therefore, maintaining a happy state of mind is extremely important. The immunoglobins reduce drastically if one undergoes a tense situation and therefore, the complete immunity system breaks down. Gut problems are a major trigger of Candida.

Women many a times have to either go in for Hormone Replacement Therapy or The Pill and this introduces artificial hormones in one’s body. The hormonal levels in the body get disturbed and therefore it is the women who are more susceptible to candidiasis. The various types of anti-depressants also trigger this condition. If a baby is not breast fed in the first six months, you may face this problem. Apart from these, if you are following a very poor diet, you stand to face Candida. Old age can also be a factor that may be a factor that accelerates the growth of Candida.

What can cure this?

Doctors might advice a few techniques but these do not really help. Even if they do the magic for the minute, you might not find complete relief. Anyhow, if you take to holistic treatment, you are sure to be relieved of the stress that is caused due to Candida. Candida cause needs to be known if you wish to save yourself from the same.

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