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RIGHT Foods to Eat
during Candida Natural Cleansing

We have developed as a nation, but our nutritional deficiency has actually worsened. This has resulted in a disturbed internal environment or intestinal dysbiosis causing the normally harmless Candida to turn invasive and pathogenic. If the goal is to heal rather than just manage symptoms, then the treatment should be geared towards restoring the healthy environment of the intestinal tract, because pathogenic Candida cannot multiply in a healthy digestive tract. But is it possible to cleanse Candida naturally with foods?

Candida Cleanse Naturally With Foods

The Candida cleanse diet may sound very difficult at first. But it requires a little bit of commitment and a relearning period. The first step would naturally be cleansing the colon of all its toxic buildup and making way for antifungals to do their work so that the natural bacterial flora can get re-established again. High-fiber foods, raw organic vegetables, whole flax seeds, psyllium fiber, bentonite clay and the herb cascara are very good to start with. Fruits must be completely avoided because of their fructose content. You can try alternating between a program of antifungal and probiotics every two weeks for at least three months. Chew food thoroughly to help digest it completely.

Foods containing essential oils like omega-3 should be incorporated in the diet. These include fish oils, salmon and trout, avocadoes, olives, garlic, evening primrose oils. Home-made broths from healthy animals are rich in minerals as well as other substances which have a healing effect on the colon such as glucosamine, chondroitin, gelatin, etc. The process of cooking and pureeing will allow easy absorption of nutrients, put less stress on the digestive tract and create fewer residue in the intestine.

Free-range eggs, chicken, ducks, fatty fishes like salmon and trout give good amounts and quality of protein. Yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, kefir and sauerkraut, all help in promoting the growth of friendly bacteria. All leafy green vegetables are great on the diet.

Buy local and organically-grown vegetables. Lacto-fermented vegetables are also highly recommended. Fresh herbs not only impart flavor but also possess antifungal properties. Basil, cilantro, oregano, dill and tarragon may be used liberally. Legumes, when sprouted, have low carbohydrate count and are bursting with live energy. Fresh coconut too has antifungal properties, contains good fats and is not too high on sugar and makes an excellent snack. Drink plenty of water. Opt for beverages in glass bottles as opposed to plastic.

As stated in the beginning, restoring the healthy environment of the intestinal tract is very important in achieving Candida cure. Cleansing Candida naturally with foods is the best way to do it. But along with food, it is also necessary to energize the body with exercises, reduce stress, and maintain mental health. These changes should be incorporated permanently in your daily life. If you follow a holistic approach for your remedy, you will not only cure your infection but also prevent it from recurring in the future.

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