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Candida Cleanse Treatment BREAKTHROUGH

Candida infection starts mainly in the digestive tract. Refined and processed foods that form a large part of today’s Western diet contribute largely to the overgrowth. These foods not only feed the Candida but also alter the body pH towards becoming more acidic and that sets up a perfect environment for Candida overgrowth. Even the chlorine in the drinking water meant to kill harmful bacteria, kills off some of our beneficial bacteria. Stress, which is an inherent part of modern life, contributes to the proliferation of Candida, and heavy metals like mercury and other toxins in the body open the door even wider. Candida is also believed to be transmitted through sexual transference. By following a simple Candida cleanse program, you can get rid of this problem.

Candida Cleanse

In order to not overwhelm your body and allow time to adjust to each new change, it is vital to take the Candida cleanse program one step at a time. Knowledge and commitment are important for the success of the treatment.

The major steps in any Candida cleanse program are:

·         Eliminate foods that feed Candida.

·         Build up the immune system through detoxification, taking natural supplements.

·         Kill Candida overgrowth with antifungal medications.

·         Restore and repopulate the beneficial bacteria with probiotics.

Begin with a colon cleanse to remove toxins and eliminate harmful parasites to restore normal bowel function and regularity. It will also get rid of heavy metals, detoxify liver, kidneys and other organs, re-establish beneficial flora and boost the immune system. Start the Candida cleanse by eliminating all sugar from the diet and at the same time increasing good fats. Gradually eliminate dairy products and complex carbohydrates and other foods that will feed the Candida. Chew food well as undigested food may lead to increase in Candida. Gradually add natural supplements containing vitamins and mineral in recommended doses. Start with low doses and increase gradually. A few weeks into the Candida diet, after the worst of the “die-off” symptoms are over, antifungals like garlic, caprylic acid, oil of oregano, clove oil, grapefruit seed extract, Pau d’Arco, Echinacea, flax seed oil, psyllium fiber, aloe vera etc. can be tried. After about two weeks of antifungal regimen, probiotics can be added. This will re-establish the friendly flora in the intestines, correcting the balance as the Candida is eliminated.

The body, with Candida overgrowth, has gone out of balance and through a Candida cleanse must be helped to find its way to becoming rebalanced. The human body has miraculous healing powers. You will discover them when you visit a holistic medical practitioner, who will go beyond physical symptoms, change your lifestyle and outlook to restore the body to perfect health.

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