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Candida Diet and Tortillas:
Can Tortillas be a Part of Candida Diet?

The tortillas are the staple food ofMexico and are a type of thin unleavened bread made from finely ground maize or corn flour. In commercial preparation, wheat flour is generally be added to the corn flour while making tortillas. Only wheat flour tortillas are also available. As they are made from corn and wheat they are high in net digestible carbohydrates. Furthermore, they have extra calories added in the form of hydrogenated fats or trans fats which make them calorie dense foods. Hence, tortillas are generally omitted from the Candida diet.

Candida Diet Tortillas

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, oats and barley. Some people are sensitive to gluten which damages the lining of the small intestines. The damage to the small intestines causes food to decay due to malabsorption. This promotes the growth of Candida. Many medical professional believe that the underlying pathology of Candidiasis is actually gluten-induced intestinal damage. Conversely, the cell walls of Candida contain the same protein sequence as wheat gluten and may trigger or stimulate celiac disease. 

While corn does not contain gluten, it is believed to contain a mycotoxin which is inherent to its growth. Hence corn is likely to exacerbate the symptoms of Candida. But most medical practitioners allow corn in Candida, albeit in small amounts, as it is free of gluten.

Tortillas for Candida diet may be made with a mixture of corn flour, oat flour, and flax seeds, salt to taste, and a stick of butter. Tortillas generally provide a good base for wrapped foods like vegetables and meat and a good alternative to bread. Vegetable that may be used in tortillas include spinach, avocadoes, peppers, onions, black olives and tomatoes. Chicken, turkey, eggs, salmon would be good choices for meat. They can be spiced up with dressings made of olive oil and flax seed oil or cranberry dressing. Spices like pepper and pesto or pizza spices may be added. It is advisable to use sea salt. Walnuts and almonds can be added for crunch. Whole milk plain yoghurt, preferably probiotic, is an excellent idea. Cheeses though are best avoided.

There are sprouted grain tortillas also available in the health stores. They are made of sprouted live grains, contain absolutely no flour and are yeast and sweetener free. The average 6- to 7- inch corn tortillas contain a gram each of protein and fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and provide 60 calories.

Treatment of Candida varies widely from one individual to the next. What works for one person may worsen symptoms in the other. Hence there is a lot of debate about whether corn may or may not be allowed on Candida diet. Try eating a little and see if your body can tolerate it.

Most holistic therapy practitioners will tell you that Candida is a very tenacious organism and diet and patience are the greatest weapons against it. Small lifestyle changes, use of proper supplements, emotional support, exercises will go a long way in curing this disease.


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