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Candida In Men: Triggers And RISKS

By and large, the incidence of Candida in men is less than in women. But since Candida albicans is present in all humans, regardless of sex and gender, men are likely to develop Candida infection too. In fact, the jury is still out on whether Candidiasis is a sexually transmitted disease. Interestingly, sexually inactive men are more susceptible to developing Candidiasis. It has also been proved that Candidiasis can be transmitted through homosexual contact. In such cases, condoms and lubricants cause Candida infection in the anal region.

Candida In Men

Candida is generally seen in men with diabetes, obese men, and men with a compromised immune system due to HIV infection, cancer treatment, or steroid treatment. Antibiotic treatment destroys friendly bacteria causing Candida overgrowth. Unless strict personal hygiene is maintained, men playing sports, which require a lot of effort and sweating, also fall prey to Candida infection. Allergies to soaps, shower gels, shaving foams and other cosmetic products also trigger Candida infection. The favorite haunt of Candida is warm, moist, and dark crevices of the human body. In men, it is often seen in the groin area with a lot of itching, soreness, and redness and is referred to as jock itch. Uncircumcised males are more likely to develop Candida infection as the yeast thrives in the foreskin. Small, white spots develop on the male organs and patient experiences pain and burning during sexual contact. Candida infection may also develop between toes causing athlete’s foot. Like women, men an also develop oral thrush with creamy-white patches on the tongue, lips, and sides of the mouth. A host of other symptoms have been attributed to Candida infection in males and consist of irritability, cognitive difficulties, depression, inability to concentrate, fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, forgetfulness, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, frequent stomach aches, indigestion, heartburn, excessive shyness or feelings of being self-conscious, rashes and many more.

It is best to prevent Candida infection from developing by adhering to strict personal hygiene. Avoid tight-fitting clothes, use shower instead of bathtubs, and avoid exhausting activities that cause one to sweat profusely, keep susceptible areas of the body dry and clean. Sexual contact should be avoided and treatment should be offered to the partner of patient as well to prevent recurrence. Since antibiotics make the body more prone to Candida infection, indiscriminate use should be avoided. Sugar and alcohol are food for yeast and must be eliminated from the diet.

Traditional treatment for Candida infection in men involves antifungal medications administered as topical creams and oral pills. But natural remedies like tea tree oil, cranberry juice, yoghurt, garlic, are found to be effective too. As Candida is a normal and harmless inhabitant of the human body, the etiology leading to Candida overgrowth is indeed complex involving a whole lot of external as well as internal factors. To completely rid the body of this overgrowth, holistic medicinal approach is highly recommended. This eliminates the root cause of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms.

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