Candida Symptoms In Males - Do Not Ignore The 'Signs'!

Candida infection in males is less common than those in females, primarily because women experience greater fluctuation in their hormone levels, which is a common cause for Candida overgrowth. But males are only slightly less susceptible to Candidiasis as compared to females. Candida symptoms in males can manifest itself around the genitals (localized Candidiasis) or at various organs of the body (systemic Candidiasis). These symptoms send a clear message to you that your body is unbalanced in some respect.

Candida Symptoms Males


Candida symptoms in men often tend to be ignored as many men are often embarrassed to discuss the issue and also due to the fact that social perceptions tend to associate Candida-attack with women. However, correct diagnosis of these ‘signs’ can often be the first step in eliminating Candida from the body – male or female.

Symptoms of yeast infection in males

In males, Candida symptoms around the male genitals could be -

  • Irritating / sore sensation at the tip of the penis .

  • Crimson rash / itching at the tip of the penis (a rash caused by Candida at the head of the penis is termed as ‘balanitis’).

  • Small blisters at the tip and along the penile shaft.

  • Itching and irritation along groin and anus due to spread of the fungi to these areas.

  • Unwanted discharge from the penis (whitish or whitish grey discharge like cottage-cheese).

Often, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is also manifested in one or more of the above ways, and thus a proper diagnosis of the exact cause of these symptoms is indispensable.

Systemic Candida symptoms in males include fatigue, bloating, indigestion, food intolerance, brain fog, leaky gut syndrome, fungal sinus infections, white film on your tongue, skin breakouts and rashes, oral thrush, asthma, etc. Candida in its invasive form lead to the formation of two highly toxic substances – ethanol and acetaldehyde – which interfere with the ability of blood to flow through capillaries, thus causing migraines and muscle fatigues.

In men, the fungus can originate at the tip of the penis and it can then move southward along the shaft, towards the damp areas at the groin and even into the anus which can swell into an anal rash. An anal rash is often a painful experience accompanied by itchy and irritating sensation. A less common symptom of yeasty discharge occurs when the fungus travels inside the shaft and spreads the infection. This is a nightmarish experience and causes painful urine discharge.

Candida is also known to affect the brain and the nervous system, symptoms of which are exhibited by men in the form of psychological and cognitive disorders such as depression, irritability, anger, inability to concentrate, brooding, etc.

Factors responsible for yeast infection in men

  • Weak immune system due to sustained illness or hyper-stress

  • Sexual transmission from an infected person

  • Loss of beneficial bacteria in the gut due to antibiotics consumed at some point of time

  • A diet devoid of fibre, vitamins and minerals

  • Diabetes

  • Lack of hygiene

  • Consuming food which cause disturbance in the acid-alkaline balance of the body’s internal environment.

There is an increasing tendency in both males and females to treat the symptoms and not the condition itself – i.e. overgrowth of the Candida albicans. Especially in males, such symptoms often tend to be ignored / misdiagnosed. It should be remembered that Candidiasis in males is just as dangerous as that in females. While the symptoms are the result of a single disease – yeast infection, the Candida overgrowth itself is derived from a variety of causes as discussed above. To eliminate it altogether, one should approach the condition holistically by individually and collectively remedying ALL these factors. This not only makes your system internally defended against Candida overgrowth, but also brings with it a younger, healthier and stronger body. Holistic treatment is the best cure and prevention as it works with the natural functioning of the body and doesn’t cause side-effects. A holistic cure is a cure forever.

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