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Candida Yeast Infection: a WARNING Sign

Candida yeast infection is a type of bacterial infection, which is caused primarily due to the growth of Candida fungus. Candida yeast infection is also called as Candidiasis. Candida yeast infection can be caused due to different types of Candida microorganisms. In order to treat the infection, you will have to understand the nature, causes and symptoms of Candida yeast infection.

Nature of Candida yeast infection

Candida microorganisms are present in all individuals to a certain extent. This fungus poses no threat to human beings if it is within limits. The job of controlling Candida microorganisms rests with the other microorganisms that are also found in the human body. Sometimes, these good microorganisms are threatened with some external as well as internal factors. If these microorganisms are harmed or if they die, the resistance to Candida microorganisms is broken. In such conditions, if given an opportunity, Candida microorganisms multiply and lead eventually to yeast infection. There are twenty different species of Candida microorganisms. Some of the most well known microorganisms are Candida Albicans and Cutaneous candidiasis. Candida yeast infection affects men, women and even children. Though Candida yeast infection is very common, on rare occasions it does lead to more serious complications and problems in the individual.

Causes of Candida yeast infection

Candida yeast infection can be caused by a multitude of factors. Some of the most common causes of this infection are as follows:

         Antibiotic medication: Antibiotic medication can harm the good microorganisms in the body. Hence, the microorganisms are unable to contain the growth of Candida fungus, leading to Candida yeast infection.

         Weakened immune system: Some people may have naturally weak immune system. This can make a person more vulnerable towards Candida yeast infection.

         Other diseases: Different forms of diseases, including cancer and diabetes, can significantly expose a person to possible Candida yeast infection. Candida yeast infection can be caused by the treatment that is required to treat these diseases.

Candida yeast infection can also be caused by certain forms of contraceptive pills during pregnancy. Hence, it is essential that women specially remain cautious regarding Candida yeast infection.

Symptoms of Candida yeast infection

Candida yeast infection can cause itching, vaginal discharge, soreness, redness, pimples, burning sensation during urination and in some cases it can also lead to fever, nausea, irregular periods and more. The appearance of these symptoms requires immediate treatment.

Treating Candida yeast infection

You can treat Candida yeast infection with both conventional forms of treatment and alternative medication. Alternative medication is more effective as it usually involves a holistic approach to deal with Candida yeast infection. Holistic approach is beneficial as it takes a broader view of things when dealing with Candida yeast infection. Holistic approach also cures Candida yeast infection without causing any side effect in the process. This is possible due to the natural treatment which is used to cure this particular form of infection. Hence, when it comes to curing Candida yeast infection completely, you cannot go astray with holistic approach and alternative treatment.

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