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Candida: Causes, RISKS and Treatment

organisms are most commonly found in the moist surfaces of human skin, mouth, genitals and the intestinal tract.  There are approximately 150 Candida species that have been recognized and only about 10 of these species are associated with fungal infections among humans.


What is Candida?

The most common of all Candida species is Candida albicans. Candida albicans is responsible for approximately 95% of yeast infections in human individuals. The second most common fungus is Candida glabrata. Infections caused by Candida glabrata tend to be milder, yet they can also lead to health complications.

Candida organisms can be found in healthy individuals. In normal circumstances, they are balanced by beneficial microorganisms (or the probiotics bacteria) and have the potential to cause very little harm. However, in the case of yeast infection (candidiasis), these organisms begin to multiply and grow out of control.

Yeast infection is the most common outcome of Candida overgrowth. This is a medical condition, which can manifest locally (in the genitals, mouth, skin or nails) or systemically. The common symptoms of local candidiasis include uncomfortable burning sensation, rash redness and/or anomalous discharge in the infected area. Contrary to that, the most common symptoms associated with systemic Candida infection are: chronic fatigue, sleepiness, lack of energy, muscles ache, food sensitivities and/or allergies. Note that, all subtypes of yeast infections can be extremely painful and distressing, thus can negatively impact one’s quality of life.

Although Candida overgrowth is a medical condition, both physicians and alternative therapists agree that it is triggered mainly by a set of lifestyle factors, dietary habits , genetic tendency (which we cannot control) and the weakness of the immune system. Even so, the conventional medicine approach to Candida infection treatment is completely different from the holistic approach.

The Cure for Candida!

The conventional treatment of Candida infection is aimed at reducing the symptoms of the disease. One example is taking steroid creams aimed at calming the inflammation, rash and burning sensation in the infected area. Another example is taking antibiotics aimed at tackling the bacteria. Unfortunately, antibiotics are incapable of differentiating between Candida and the friendly bacteria, which are necessary for protecting human body from chronic infections, thus aggravating candidiasis in the long run. Moreover, the conventional approach ignores the underlying factors that contribute to Candida infection.  When the underlying conditions that foster yeast aggravation are left untreated, it can often pave the way for greater and more dangerous health complications.

The holistic, all-natural approach is focused on tackling the fundamental causes, as well as the external manifestations of Candida overgrowth. The holistic approach is focused, first and foremost, at restoring the natural inner balance and strengthening the immune system by following comprehensive dietary and lifestyle changes, detoxification, herbal remedies and the intake of specific supplements. Adhering to the holistic approach will, in most cases, result in eradicating the root cause of Candida infection, permanently preventing its recurrence, while significantly improving one’s overall health and well-being.


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