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Candidiasis diet:
SECRET Dietary Principles that Work

Candidiasis diet is a regimen of foods that has been prescribed to people who are suffering from Candidiasis, a fungal infection. If you follow a good and reasonably healthy diet, you can easily avoid any kind of yeast infection. It has been scientifically proven that good dietary patterns can really alter the health of a person for the best.

Candidiasis Diet

The causes of Candidiasis are varied and there are many factors that lead to yeast infection. Certain nutritional requirements, if met, will considerably help you curb the problem.

What to do during the Candidiasis diet? What to avoid?

·         In a Candidiasis diet, one has to totally refrain from any kind of refined sugars and also the carbohydrates should be cut down. Molasses, honey and like products should be avoided. White rice, cereals and white flour are high in carbohydrate content, and therefore, should be kept away from one’s diet regimen.

·         If the food contains mold, it should strictly remain out of your diet. Tinned food is not healthy and therefore dry fruits, white vinegar and other condiments should be kept away from.

·         If you are undergoing any dosage of antibiotics, please stop it immediately as antibiotics  are one of the major factors that trigger Candida yeast infection. Antibiotics also promote the growth of unfriendly bacteria like Candida.

·         The dairy products should be avoided and other medications should also be discontinued. Cow’s milk and related products create a lot of mucus and the digestion of the same becomes very difficult. Allergic reactions are also a result of the very same.

What to eat?

·         Stevia is a good product that can be used instead of sugar. Whole grain products are always better than the refined carbohydrates. Brown rice, buckwheat bread and kamut are products that you should eat regularly and include in your diet.

·         As far as the elimination of dairy products goes, one can use sheep’s milk or even goat’s milk. They can be excellent substitutes to cow’s milk.

·         Acid and alkaline balance in the body has to be perfect if you wish to avoid Candida. For the same, eat fresh vegetables and follow a more alkaline diet so that the system is able to maintain its balance.

Final Verdict

If you go to analyze the matter in the broader perspective, you will realize that the Candidiasis diet is just a minor aspect of the holistic approach that one needs to undertake to address the problem totally, as it takes into account all the related aspect and provides a comprehensive technique to deal with the problem. Candidiasis diet is a good option to follow but the best alternative would be to go in for holistic treatment.

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