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Candidiasis Symptoms EXPOSED

A comprehensive research into the history of the patient can uncover a pattern and range of symptoms that lead to a truthful diagnosis of Candidiasis. This procedure can be easily carried out by any medical doctor throughout the world. However, there are signs that the doctors are becoming more interested in the Candidiasis symptoms. Hopefully, this might result in a better awareness about Candidiasis throughout the world and can prevent some of the few unknown systemic forms of the disease among the patients.

Candidiasis Symptoms

The Contributing Factors

Some of the previous examinations would show the influence of antibiotics, cortisone, birth control pills and several other immunosuppressant medications. The beginning of local symptoms for yeast infection, when related to the use of these drugs, is especially important as it usually proceeds to a general Candida response. A continuous course of birth control pills and antibiotics can also lead to an increased symptom rate of mucosal infections in the gastrointestinal and vaginal tract.

These are basically the secondary results for reddened mucous membranes that are usually caused by allergic responses to yeast products. In addition to the resultant symptoms, there are also repeated infections of the bladder, urethra and respiratory tract. In case of systemic Candidiasis, the general procedure of prescribing medication for these symptoms would usually worsen the underlying causes when it is systemic Candidiasis.

The Symptoms

One of the most common symptoms for Candidiasis is depression that is associated to difficulty in reasoning, memory and concentration. This can be followed by explosive irritability and loss of confidence. The endometriosis in women who have undergone hysterectomy is also very common. The further complication can be the development of several intolerances to chemicals and food which makes it very difficult for the patient to lead a normal life. However, when the yeast problem is brought under controls, all or most of the accompanying allergies would disappear.

Other Symptoms

Apart from this there are also several common symptoms of Candidiasis which are like:

         A sick feeling all over that cannot yet be identified and the treatment of most kinds has also not helped.

         Hunger for sweets.

         Hunger for other carbohydrates like pizza and bread.

         The sweets would either make the symptoms worse or provide initial relief that is followed by worsening.

         Bothered by recurrent or persistent athletes foot, there are also fungal infections on nails or the jock itch.

         Craving for alcohol

         Perfumes, tobacco smoke and chemical smells makes you feel more unwell

         Feel dampness in some moldy places on bad days. The humidity variation also causes problems.

         Recurrent and persistent infection of the throat, nose, ears, sinuses, bladder, bronchials and kidneys.

         Fatigue, depression or headache

Some of the other candidiasis symptoms like runny nose, tiredness, frequent urination, nausea, dizziness, canker sores, tingling, numbness and irritability are also experienced by the patient regularly and, in a few cases, consistently.

While a number of treatments are available to cure Candidiasis, it is preferable to go for a holistic approach. Thus, taking medications alongside a proper diet and a suitable exercise routine, will help you not only to permanently get rid of your Candidiasis symptoms, but also to restore your body to a state of health and well being.

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