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Candidiasis: Causes, Prevention
and Treatment

can be classified as an opportunistic infection. This is one of the diagnoses on an HIV positive patient. The infection is caused by a common genus of yeast called candida. This type of yeast is considered a commensal or non-parasitic. This means that this type of yeast thrives within the human body without having any adverse effect on it. What causes the infection is the abnormal overgrowth of candida in the body that kills the beneficial bacteria needed by the immune system. Candida usually infects the mouth, genitals, throat and intestines. Usually, a more serious infection will occur a month or a year after obtaining candidiasis.


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Thrush is the candidiasis of the mouth. When the infection spreads deeper down the throat, it is called esophagitis. These cause sore throats, loss of appetite, nausea and pain when swallowing. It appears in the form of white patches that look like cottage cheese. Vaginal yeast infection also appears like cottage cheese or as a white, thick discharge that usually smells of beer or spoiled bread. Symptoms include itching and an uncomfortable burning feeling. Candida can also be malignant and can cause infection in the brain, intestines, heart, joints and eyes.

Candidiasis Prevention

There is no proven measure to prevent exposure to candida as of yet. There are anti-candida diets prescribed by some nutritionist but these are not entirely done to eliminate candida in the body, but to halt its proliferation. Strengthening the immune system is the best way to prevent the worsening effect of candidiasis in the body.

Medical Treatments: Pros and Cons

Again, the aim in the treatment of candidiasis is not to eliminate the candida in the body but to control it. A healthy immune system balances the amount of candida. Probiotics, that is beneficial to the body, decreases due to candida infestations. On the contrary, too much intake of antibiotics can further promote candida outgrowth.

There are two types of medical treatment for candidiasis. One is the local treatment wherein the medication is directly applied on the infected area. Creams and other liquids can be applied externally. Troches and lozenges are prescribed against thrush. Vaginal yeast infections are treated by suppositories.

Most doctors prefer to use local treatment at the onset as it has fewer known side effects than systemic medication the other type of treatment. The medications used to control candida overgrowth are antifungal drugs. Local treatment is preferred because medications sometimes become resistant to candida. Systemic medication is therefore needed only if local treatments fail or when the infection becomes malignant. Systemic drugs usually come in pills.

The most notable side effects of Candidiasis medications are vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain . Almost 20% of people who uses these drugs acquire the side effects. Candidiasis oftentimes reoccurs. Antifungal drugs are prescribed for long-term maintenance. This causes the yeast to mutate and eventually, the system will be resistant to the drug.

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Natural Therapy and Holistic Approach

There are a few known naturopathy tips that are medically unproven but are statistically known to work. Here are some natural treatment methods known to help achieve immediate relief from candidiasis:

         Reduction or elimination of sugar intake.

         Garlic supplements or raw garlic have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

         For thrush, gargle with tea tree oil diluted in water.

         Eat yogurt with live lactobacillus strain after taking antibiotics.

An effective cure for Candidiasis must be multi-dimensional and must not be limited to lifestyle and dietary changes, or specific natural remedies. The holistic all natural approach is based on taking specific herbal and vitamin supplements while following a complete set of dietary principals, lifestyle changes and specific Candidiasis control protocols. This approach is aimed at tackling all the underlying conditions that trigger Candida overgrowth and, as such, can cure all types of yeast infections thoroughly and prevent their recurrence, safely and effectively.


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