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Is Cranberry Effective for Treatment of Vaginal Yeast Infection?

If you have vaginal yeast infection, you might have come across many people who recommend the use of cranberry for treatment of vaginal yeast infection. Even science has shown that these berries contain some substances that inhibit the bacteria from clinging to walls of the urinary tract. It is also believed that Cranberries can lower urineís pH levels. With so many benefits, many women are tempted to try this easy method of treating vaginal yeast infection. However, before you use this remedy, it is essential that you take some factors into consideration in order to determine whether this treatment method is right for you.

Cranberry For Treatment Of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Cranberry treatment - an overview:

FDA has approved the use of cranberry juice as an anti-bacterial agent and hence it can be used to treat urinary tract infections that at times comprise of yeast infection. The other reputation of cranberry is that of improving immunity. People consuming cranberry juice on the regular basis tend to develop a strong immune system. This can be useful in preventing yeast infection that is aggravated because of weak resistance. Hence, various health advantages of the cranberry have made it extremely useful with respect to not only treating yeast infection, but also in providing benefits to cardiovascular system. Cranberry is also known for having anti-cancer agents.  Having said all this, cranberry for treatment of vaginal yeast infection is not very effective if you are planning on eliminating this condition permanently. This remedy can provide respite only temporarily. There are also some other disadvantages of this remedy which need to understand in order to gain an insight about other appropriate treatment methods.

Disadvantages of cranberry treatment:

Unsweetened juices of cranberry are terribly sour, and hence, canít be taken by certain people. Therefore, some people resort themselves to the use of cranberry pills. However, no matter what you choose, it should be noted that cranberry cannot cure vaginal yeast infections; though it may relieve some, but not all, the symptoms of this condition. As cranberry fails to address the root cause of this problem, vaginal yeast infection is never completely eliminated and will resurface at the first given opportunity. Women continue to use cranberry for the treatment of vaginal yeast infection as it is considered to be a gentle remedy that is devoid of side effects. Despite this, the use of cranberry pills can be still risky if harsh ingredients are used to hasten recovery. Therefore, try and read the ingredients used in the pill before purchasing them from the market.   

After understanding these disadvantages, you must have realized that cranberry for the treatment of vaginal yeast infection is a shallow remedy, especially if it is compared to a comprehensive, holistic approach. Holistic approach is effective as it makes use of different techniques like regular exercise, stress reduction techniques and dietary modification plan. Armed with these techniques, holistic approach attacks and eliminates the root cause of vaginal yeast infection, rendering the use of flashy but ineffective forms of treatment completely unnecessary. Therefore, if you are interested in curing this infection, look no further than the holistic approach.

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