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Does a Yeast Infection Kill Sperm?

Many couples are often plagued with the question: does a yeast infection kill sperm? This question is extremely important for couples who are intent on starting a family and especially those who have a sneaky feeling that the answer is affirmative. However, you will be relieved to know that yeast infection does not kill sperm. However, there are certain other problems that may surface if you have intercourse with a person who has yeast infection. Therefore, you should consider all the possible risks before indulging in an intimate relationship if you are under threat from yeast infection.

Does A Yeast Infection Kill Sperm

Yeast infection and intercourse:

If you or your partner has yeast infection, it is dangerous to indulge in sexual relationship due to the danger of transferring the infection. If the yeast infection remains untreated, it can spread to various other parts of the body as well. The best solution is to stay away from sex till the time you get your yeast infection treated completely. Also, make sure you find a permanent cure for yeast infection so that it does not occur in the future.  Many people are unaware of the fact that yeast infection can be passed on to a baby. If the mother happens to be suffering from yeast infection, it can not only affect the womb negatively, but can also cause serious danger for the baby at the time of birth. Hence, even if the answer to the question “does a yeast infection kill sperm” is negative; you are still not completely safe during intercourse.

The solution:

Yeast infection is not life threatening. However, it may cause numerous complications. These complications are not related to physical health only. Your partner may not admit it, but if he or she gets yeast infection from you, the chances are that your partner may feel regretfully miserable. Yeast infection can cause mood swings, depression, joint, knee and hip pain as well. Hence, in order to avoid transference of yeast infection you should try avoiding sexual intercourse till you seek treatment. Even protection during sex cannot prevent the transfer of infection. Hence, the best solution would be to seek appropriate treatment with the help of holistic approach. 

Today, there are hundreds of drugs that can be used to treat yeast infection. However, there is not a single drug which can cure it. There are also numerous side effects associated with the use of conventional drugs.  Therefore, it is always recommended to adopt a holistic approach as it offers a natural treatment that is based on vitamins, herbs, and proper dietary supplements. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, thereby making you capable to fight off the infection. Holistic approach can also be used to deal with the stress of having yeast infection, especially when you are sexually active. As holistic approach treats you at a physical and mental level, you are also better able to judge the authenticity of questions like does a yeast infection kill sperm with the help of your better understanding about this disease and the assurances offered by truthful and insightful holistic approach.

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