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Does Candida Causes Depression?
Here's the ANSWER

The very mention of "yeast infection" makes one feel sick. Strangely, yeast infections are far more common than one might think and do not just affect us physically. Yeast infection is actually Candida albicans which is the clinical name and these affect as much mentally as physically. So, does candida cause depression?

Does Candida Cause Depression

Though this infection is mostly seen as affecting females, it is because males often do not attend to, and hence do not get diagnosed with, the overgrowth of Candida. The symptoms of Candida overgrowth in the intestinal system are depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety and a general sense of feeling spaced out. As the Candida thrives on carbohydrates and sugar, the other symptoms also include cravings for sugar as well as alcohol.

It is always seen that a problem in the body can be seen on the face. When the Candida present in our body out grows in number, it makes our immune system to become so depressed that most foods cause bloating and produce allergic/addictive responses.  So, the depression in the mind is an outcome of the depressed body within. And to get rid of this depression no amount of sugar is going to help, instead it would work in the wrong way.

All you need do to deal with a depression owing to Candida, is get your body fit. You could begin with cleansing your body out of the large number of Candida, by starving them without any sugar intake to thrive on. This can be followed by killing them with Probiotics and finally sticking to a diet that gives you all the needed nutrition to develop an immune which is strong enough to not be depressed soon. Depression grown out of Candida is a symptom similar to PMS and stays as long as the body feels low. So, in order to overcome it you need to regain balance in your system.

Therefore, candida does cause depression, mood swings, fatigue and other psychological problems. Candida also leads to skin problems like thrush, vaginal infection or skin disorders. But if one follows a diet, cuts down on carbohydrates and simple sugars and promotes the consumption of natural bacteria, Candida can get down to the normal number present in a body. The only secure way that works to get rid of a yeast infection, is the holistic therapy. Holistic therapy for yeast infection is based on sweeping changes to diet and lifestyle (for example, stopping Candida-provoking foods, taking diet supplements of vitamins and minerals to strengthen the immune system, detox, and the ingestion of specific herbal supplements and so on.) Chronic depression usually indicates depressive disorder due to some underlying physical disorder. Medical disorders usually lead to symptoms of depression, and Candida is seen to come with this package of symptoms. All one needs to do to feel happy mentally is to treat the root cause of the depression and then there would be no low days or moments.

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