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Does Candida Make You Gain Weight?
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Obesity and Candidiasis are probably the two most complex and not adequately understood afflictions in human beings. It would be too simplistic to describe obesity as caused by overeating and lack of exercise and Candidiasis as caused by the fungus Candida albicans. There are by far too many contributing factors leading to overgrowth of the otherwise harmless Candida. Weight gain too may have organic and psychological precursors. There is also the possibility of the two being related. So does candida make you gain weight?

Does Candida Make You Gain Weight

Many medical practitioners believe that Candidiasis may actually be a factor in inexplicable weight gain. It is only when patients explain symptoms, that they believe have no relation to their weight problem, that an alert physician realizes that the weight gain is probably due to a more serious condition known as systemic Candidiasis. Candida feeds on sugar and one of the symptoms of Candidiasis is sugar cravings. As patients go about satisfying their craving, the Candida too proliferates rapidly and the cravings only keep increasing; as do the calories consumed and consequently the weight. 

When the Candida mutates to the hyphal form, it bores holes in the intestines causing loss of nutrients and the patient feels weak and fatigued all the time, causing him to consume more food. Moreover, Candida is also believed to contribute to hormonal imbalances. Of the 79 or so toxins produced by Candida which wreak havoc with the body’s systems, one is false estrogen. It tricks the body into believing it has produced enough estrogen stopping its own estrogen production. Estrogen also feeds the Candida causing a Candida population explosion.

Conversely, weight gain may also lead to Candida infection. Unhealthy dietary habits which cause weight gain also lead to increase in blood sugar levels, providing more food for the Candida to grow and multiply. It is one whole vicious circle. The only way out is to go on a sensible Candida diet. This absolutely eliminates sugar and refined carbohydrates from the diet, literally starving the yeast. At times this leads to worsening of the symptoms as the Candida die and release toxins and protein fragments in the blood. The worsening symptoms are an antibody response to these toxins. The diet needs to be followed for at least a month before results are seen.

Now that you know that Candida does make you gain weight, you should understand what needs to be done about it. Apart from starving the yeast, a more holistic approach incorporating natural and home remedies is recommended to eliminate the yeast. Herbal supplements like grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, sage, d’Arco etc are a good option. Antifungal medications may also be prescribed but cause a lot side effects. Taking probiotic bacteria such as Lactobacillus will help establish normal friendly flora as Candida numbers decrease. The dietary changes not only get rid of Candida but also offer collateral benefits such weight loss, control of blood glucose and blood pressure, settling down of gastrointestinal symptoms, clearing of skin etc. In addition, changing lifestyle and behavioral modification will cure the Candidiasis safely and effectively.

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