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Does Garlic WORK to Treat
Yeast Infection?

Does garlic work to treat yeast infection
? Many yeast infection sufferers ask this question. Prior to discussing the benefits of garlic for yeast infection treatment, letís briefly go over the root causes of this medical condition.

Does Garlic Work To Treat Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is a type of irritation experienced because of the overgrowth of yeast fungi in certain parts of the body, usually those in moist and dark places. It can commonly occur in our armpits, mouth and sex organs as they exhibit conditions conducive to fungi overgrowth.

It is important to take note that yeasts normally inhabit our body. What results to infection are foreign materials that trigger the yeast to enlarge in numbers (for example, irritants like detergents). This makes the infected body part exhibit characteristics like burning, itchy feeling and soreness.

It could also be a result of a physiological disturbance. For women who acquire yeast infection in their vagina, the most common cause for this is the change of the pH level their vagina is exposed to. These cause infection, in addition to the earlier mentioned role of a body partís dampness.

So how does one exactly treat it when acquired? According to consensus, the most effective home remedy is garlic. Garlic has a very mean, antifungal property that makes yeast hate it terribly. Even bakers, in making garlic bread, donít immediately add garlic while theyíre letting the dough rise, or else the yeast would die.

If your vagina is infected, you can get a clove of garlic, peel off the papery-skin and insert it directly inside your vagina. Though this might sound awkward, it is considered to be more reliable than anything else for it cures fast, hurts little and is for long-term protection. Some advice to wrap it in gauze or cheesecloth but this isnít really necessary. You just have to be careful not to tip off the surface of the garlic or its juices would leak out and burn your inside.

You can do this garlic treatment at night. All you have to do is to squeeze it in and sleep the night away. You donít have to worry because it wouldnít really get lost inside. The only known side effect is probably the smell of your mouth when you wake up. There is this connection with your vagina and your mouth that would make the odor of the garlic pass through them. It isnít really that much of a problem except that it is uncomfortable.

If your yeast infection still isnít healed, then you might want to try repeating the process. In most cases, the infection disappears overnight; sometimes it takes a couple more days. Of course, this way of treating yeast infection applies to those occurring in other areas, too. If youíre having fungal infection in your armpit, then get some gauze and wrap or tape the garlic in the infected surface. The same thing when itís in your mouth or penis. Just remember to consult your doctor first to ensure that youíre not allergic to garlic.

Note that while a natural remedy like garlic does work to treat yeast infection, they should not be confused with a comprehensive holistic treatment, which tackles the underlying factors of this medical condition.

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