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Effects of Sugar on Candida Diet:
The LINK between Sugar and Candida

Have you ever tried activating dry yeast for baking bread? The instructions ask you to dissolve the yeast in warm water and add a little sugar to feed and grow the yeast. All yeasts must have sugar to grow. This article deals with the effects of sugar on candida diet.

Effects Of Sugar On Candida Diet

Most doctors and health professionals agree that the single most important factor causing Candida overgrowth is excessive sugar in the diet. So, the first step in Candida diet would be to eliminate sugar in all its forms. Sugar, be it brown or white, malt or molasses, refined syrups or artificial sweeteners, naturally-occurring like fructose or honey, turbinado, demerrara etc. must be avoided at all costs. Sugar-sweetened foods such as cookies, ice-creams, cakes, candies, desserts, soda pop are harmful even for healthy people, but in persons with Candidiasis, they can trigger off or exacerbate the symptoms. It is also best to stay off high-sugar such as fruits, fruit-juices, dried fruits, candied fruits, canned fruits, and sweet potatoes.

It has been known for many years that sugar depresses the immune system. Here are a few more reasons why sugar is bad for health in general and for Candida diet in particular:

·         Sugar contributes to diminished ability in fighting infections.

·         Sugar interferes with the absorption of calcium and magnesium and upsets mineral relationships in the body.

·         Sugar causes hormonal imbalances, causing some hormones to become underactive and others to become overactive.

·         Sugar can change the structure of proteins and interfere with their absorption.

·         Sugar can cause the digestive tract to become acidic, thus encouraging pathogens. It can also cause dyspepsia and is an important cause of constipation.

·         Sugar causes the saliva to become acidic and promotes tooth decay and leads to periodontal and gum disease.

·         Sugar increases risk of various diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, gallstones, heart diseases, obesity etc.

·         Sugar elevates glucose and insulin response in oral contraceptive users.

·         Sugar contributes to diabetes by decreasing insulin sensitivity.

·         Sugar is addictive and causes anxiety, depression and difficulty in concentration.

Unfortunately, one of the symptoms of Candida infection is craving for sugar. But if you manage to keep off sugar while on the Candida diet for three days the “sugar spell” is broken and it becomes easier from then on to avoid sugar totally. Also, once you realize that by eating sugar you are actually encouraging the Candida to proliferate inside your body, it becomes easier to resist the temptation. Also, along with feeding the Candida you are also taking in a whole lot of empty calories devoid of any nutritional value. This ends up by adding pounds to your body weight. 

Thus, we can see the adverse effects of sugar on Candida diet. However, just following the Candida diet and staying off sugar alone will not cure Candidiasis. All the external and internal factors which have lead to Candidiasis need to be taken into account and dealt with to affect a permanent cure. This calls for a holistic approach of detoxifying, taking herbal supplements, making lifestyle changes and psychological support and counseling.

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