Avoid Food That Increase Candida And Cure Your Candidiasis!

The food that you allow to enter your body can often play a vital role in either triggering or checking Candida overgrowth. The Candida is a yeasty fungus, whose nourishment comes from sugary and starchy medium. Besides, acid-forming food items such as wheat create the ideal environment for the Candida to thrive. Most artificial substances found in packaged food, processed food, and ready-to-cook food items are favourable to the Candida in one way or the other. Candidiasis is essentially infection due to overpopulation of Candida, and so cutting down on foods that increase Candida can help treat Candidiasis naturally.

Food That Increase Candida

Food That Increase Candida

Which are the food items that can aggravate Candidiasis?

·         Overripe fruit and cider vinegar, which contain aflatoxin (a form of mycotoxinsn) can weaken the liver. The Candida generates toxins in the form of fungal poison and a weak liver cannot get rid of these toxins.


·         Candida overgrowth is boosted if you eat smoked, dried, pickles, and cured food. So if you are already suffering from yeast infection, avoid them altogether.


·         Most dairy products contain living organisms and injected hormones that can contribute to Candida growth and should be avoided altogether. However, plain, unheated, unprocessed and unpasteurized yogurt is an exception as it is very efficient in treating Candida infection by instilling beneficial bacteria in the body.


·         Processed fruit juices and dried / candied fruits are rich in sugar content and hence should be avoided.


·         Coffee, black tea, tobacco products and carbonated drinks weaken your immune system and may also contain sugar. Immunological barrier is extremely important in fighting yeast infection naturally.


·         Fermented food contains micro organisms which can boost up Candida overgrowth in your body. If your body is already home to a thriving population of Candida, the organisms in fermented foods can prove to be detrimental to your health.


·         Foods that contain yeast are also beneficial for the Candida to grow. Alcohol is one such product which contains yeast and sugar. Bread should also be avoided for the same reason.


·         Carbohydrates, when metabolized, get converted into sugar which is a perfect medium for the Candida to grow.


·         Mycotoxins present in peanuts, Brazil nuts, and bulk grains increase Candida overgrowth.


  • The residues of meat are acidic in nature. This acidic environment results in recurrent thrush. Limit the consumption of meat and consume organic meat only. Do not consume processed meat at all.

Please note that foods such as wheat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sugar, sweet fruits, honey, legumes, bread, cereals, nuts, peas, beans, cheese, milk, buttermilk, cream, peanuts, etc. promote yeast development in the body. However, most of the above mentioned foods are rich in essential nutrients and hence cannot be removed from your diet altogether. So it is important to be selective about your food and to cut down on the harmful elements in your diet, if not eliminate them completely.

The importance of a good diet in curing Candidiasis cannot be ignored. But only dietary balance cannot cure it completely as it is caused by a number of other factors such as your lifestyle, the level of stress you are exposed to, hygiene practices followed by you and your partner, hormonal fluctuations, etc. Candidiasis is conventionally treated by hundreds of dangerous drugs which have terrible and hazardous side-effects. Holistic treatment, on the other hand, works naturally without causing side-effects and addresses ALL the factors that cause Candida yeast infection. It cures the disease at the root and prevents it from recurring. Not only are quick-fix medications patchy, temporary and ineffective, but they also come bundled with a host of side-effects, and trigger the Candida to become chemically more resistant. Holistic treatment is the best and the safest way that does not compromise with your inner strength and vitality, and restores your natural body balance.

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