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The RIGHT Foods to Eat on a
Candida Cleanse Diet

The symptoms of Candidiasis are usually similar to many other ailments and hence, not normally diagnosed properly. But it is a disease which needs to be taken seriously, and considering its prevalence, treated on a war footing. Candida overgrowth is caused by a lot of factors both internal and external such as genetic traits, intake of antibiotics, steroids, and other immunosuppressive drugs, debilitating diseases like diabetes mellitus, HIV, Lyme disease, cancer, etc. Food forms as important aspect of the treatment of Candida. There are certain foods to eat on a Candida cleanse diet, which could help you fight the condition.

Foods To Eat On A Candida Cleanse Diet

 Following is a list of foods you should include and exclude while on a Candida cleanse diet:

·         Meats: Meat (especially red meat) contains uric acids, steroids and hard-to-digest protein that cause lots of digestion problems. It can also contain antibiotics and harmful hormones that can contribute to a disruption of hormonal balance.  If you can, eliminate meat completely from your Candida Diet and/or replace it with fish (preferably oily fishes). If you feel you have to consume meat, go for organic meat and consume it in small portions. Processed meats such as ham, sausages, bacon, hot dogs, and luncheon meats are not allowed.

·         Grains: Brown rice, barley, buckwheat, millets, oats, rye, quinoa, corn, home-made breads using whole grain flours with soda or baking powder for leavening and other non gluten grains are good for you.

·         Processed foods: Pasta, pizza, cereals, baked goods etc. should be eliminated from Candida Cleanse Diet.

·         Beans and legumes: Should be avoided for one month, after which they may be taken in small quantities. Fermented soy products are not allowed. Pulses and beans must be soaked and sprouted before eating.

·         Dairy: Dairy products, especially cow’s milk products, should be avoided also because they trigger allergic reactions, create heavy mucus and take longer to digest. Frequent allergies and digestive problems are considered to be among the main yeast infection contributing factors. Organic goat’s and sheep’s milk products are the best alternatives to dairy products made of cow’s milk.

·         Oils: Cold-pressed such as olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, lard, chicken fat, tallow, fish oils etc have proved to be effective.

·         Vegetables: All fresh vegetables except mushrooms are good for you. Avoid potatoes or eat only small quantities once a week.

·         Fruits: Avoid fruits for two weeks. Then add apples, all berries (avoid the moldy ones), lemons and limes, grapefruit, and coconut. Eat all fruits separately; do not mix with other foods.

·         Nuts and seeds: Almonds, Brazil nuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, sesame and pumpkin seeds are a good option.

·         Condiments: Apple cider vinegar, fresh herbs, sea salt, pepper and garlic may be considered for condiments.

·         Drinks and beverages: Filtered, unsweetened water, mineral water, herbal teas (not in bags) can provide relief. Fresh vegetable juices and vegetable broth are also allowed.

The Candida cleanse diet must be high in proteins, good fats, very low in carbohydrates, and moderate amounts of complex carbohydrates. Food must be chewed properly as undigested food leads to worsening of symptoms.

Now you know the foods to eat on a candida cleanse diet, but you must understand that it is only a part of a larger holistic treatment plan that you must follow to completely rid yourself of candida. The main purpose of the Candida cleanse diet is to starve the yeast and help in re-establishing beneficial flora. However, antifungals also need to be taken to kill the yeast. One without the other does not produce positive results and is not of much use. Both must be done over a long period of time and preferably made into a habit. A holistic therapy practitioner will help in changing unhealthy lifestyle, inculcating good dietary habits, restoring emotional balance and generally bring about permanent cure safely and effectively.

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