Do NOT Ignore Geographic Tongue Or Candida Infection In Mouth

Geographic tongue, or Candida yeast infection in the mouth and the throat is caused by overgrowth of the Candida albicans in these areas. It is manifested as a layer of white or creamy deposit on tongue, gums, inner cheeks, tonsils, palate, etc. Reddish swellings are also common apart from the cottage-cheese-like appearance. These features on the tongue appear like a geographic map and hence the name ‘geographic tongue’. It forms a patchy appearance instead of a smooth-textured tongue. These structures can be painful to scrape or even to touch, and bleeding can follow. Loss of taste, at least temporarily, has also been reported.

Geographic Tongue Or Candida


Presence of Candida hyphae can be confirmed by laboratory tests of oral epithelial tissue. When geographic tongue is suspected to have spread to the oesophagus, techniques like throat-culture, endoscopy of throat and throat X-rays can be conducted to confirm its presence.


Diets that disturb the pH balance, diets rich in sugar and carbohydrates and devoid of fibres and vitamins create the ideal environment for Candida overpopulation. Lack of nutrition and incorrect timing of meals also affect the body balance. Geographic tongue can be caused by any imbalance in your body that creates a favorable environment for the Candida. Prolonged intake of antibiotics due to illness often leads to geographic tongue as the antibiotics kill the good bacteria (called probiotics) which check Candida overgrowth. Some people are also unreceptive to certain antibiotics and infections occur on the on the consumption of such antibiotic, whether for prolonged period or not. Poorly controlled diabetes, hormonal fluctuations induced by menstruation, pregnancy, consuming birth-control-pills, and injecting steroids are the other causes. Oral hygiene and lack of immunity are also important determinants.

Why is the Candida difficult to eliminate?

The mouth is an extremely sensitive area and the kinds of topical ointments that can be applied there are highly limited. Due to the fact that the Candida fungi are genetically equipped to adapt to invasion attempts by diversifying their chromosomal structures, they are incredibly fast in developing resistance to anti-fungal drugs. Resistance development means that the agents fail to kill Candida after a few applications, and thus the Candida is there in your body to stay.


Raw, crushed garlic, yoghurt, kefir, pure, extra-virgin coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and raw, crushed turmeric can alleviate geographic tongue symptoms without causing any side-effects. This way, you also eliminate the chances that the fungus develops resistance to chemical agents. Diabetic patients need to keep their sugar levels in control to combat geographic tongue. While oral geographic tongue itself is not fatal, it can spread systemic infection to other parts of your body which is reported to cause morbidity and mortality in humans. Adopting good oral hygiene, avoiding all mouthwashes and sprays, limiting all sugar and yeast-containing foods, and quitting smoking and drinking are good measures to prevent this condition.

Geographic tongue or Candida yeast infection simply indicates that there’s some imbalance in your body that you need to set right. It is caused by a host of factors covering your entire physical and emotional well-being, and unless you treat these imbalances holistically, you are inviting thrush again and again to your system. A compromise with any of the factors boosts Candida infection. If Candidiasis is your problem, then holistic treatment is what you should employ to avoid side-effects and get a long-lasting solution. Holistic treatment, which uses natural methods to address ALL the causes of geographic tongue, is the only method that cures the condition completely and without any side-effects.

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