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Can Grapefruit Seed Extract Cure Candida?
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Candidiasis is a very complex disease and one needs to take a holistic approach to eradicate it. Since there is no way to pinpoint one single cause, there is a wide variety of home and natural remedies handed down from generations. One of them is grapefruit seed extract. But can grapefruit extract cure candida?

Grapefruit Seed Extract Cure Candida

Grapefruit seed extract is extracted from the seeds, pulp and white membranes of the grapefruit and has been proven to be safe and effective for a wide variety of ailments including Candidiasis. It is believed to detoxify the body and support and boost the immune system. Grapefruit seed extract was found to contain the antioxidant vitamins C and E as well as bioflavonoids. These substances neutralize the free radicals that are formed in the body and cause cell damage leading to many diseases. Grapefruits have very little sugar and though chemically acid, on being metabolized have an alkalizing effect on the body.

The detoxifying action of the grapefruit seed extract is attributed to its ability to alkalize the blood. As bacteria, viruses and yeasts cannot survive in an alkaline environment; this appears to be the single most important health-bestowing property of grapefruit seed extract. The grapefruit seed extract is effective at very low concentrations and has no discernible side effects making it safe and excellent alternative to antibiotics and fungicides. The grapefruit seed extract also seems to exhibit only a minimal effect on the beneficial intestinal flora. The mode of action of the grapefruit seed extract on Candida appears to be to disrupt the formation of the cytoplasmic membrane. This causes the cell contents to leak out, inactivating the yeast. All this action takes place in a very short time as compared to conventional antifungals. Furthermore, the yeasts do not develop resistance to the grapefruit seed extract.

The grapefruit is a native of warm subtropical countries. The fruits hang in grape-like clusters as they grow, hence the name grapefruit. Grapefruit seed extract is a viscous amber coloured liquid and is bitter and acidic in taste. Pure vegetable glycerin is generally added to commercial preparations to make it palatable.

It needs to be mentioned here that though highly recommended by nature therapists and alternate physicians, scientific tests do not support the claims of its miraculous properties. In fact, its curative properties of the grapefruit seed extract have been attributed to the synthetic antimicrobials and antifungals added as preservatives during commercial preparation. It does seems a bit of a paradox that preservatives need to be added to a compound which itself is supposed to have potent antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

The grapefruit seed extract can cure candida only if combined with other lines of treatment like changing the lifestyle which led to Candidiasis, making appropriate dietary changes, detoxifying the body, and other holistic remedies.

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