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How Long to Starve Candida?
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As Candida is a living organism, it needs food to grow. It seems elementary and logical, that one of the ways of curing Candida infection is to starve the Candida. The favorite food of Candida is sugar, so the more sugar or simple carbohydrates you eat, the more rapidly the Candida will grow. Hence, the first thing that is eliminated from the diet is sugar in all its forms. The Candida diet is basically a high fat and protein diet with very low, and only complex, carbohydrates. But the real concern is, how long to starve candida? As the Candida fungi demand more food, the craving for sugar increases, but if you can manage to go without sugar for three days, the battle is as good as won.

How Long To Starve Candida

Generally, positive results are seen after about a month. But an important point to keep in mind is that as the yeasts die, they release toxic substances and protein fragments which exacerbate symptoms. But this is only the body’s reaction to the foreign substances. Along with starving the Candida, you need to improve your health and get your immune system back on track. The efficiency of the immune system depends on the proper biochemical balance in the body which can be obtained by adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, intrinsic factors etc. So, what you need to eat is as important as what you need to avoid.

The duration of the Candida diet depends on the history and severity of the symptoms and general health and varies from one person to another. Usually, it is recommended that the patient stay on this program for a month, then if satisfactory progress has been made the diet may be moderated at that point. Foods may be gradually added and withdrawn if symptoms worsen or recur.

The Candida diet is actually a minimum dietary standard for a healthy body. Yeasts thrive in an environment that is acidic and poorly oxygenated. Eating more fruits and vegetables alkalizes the body whereas proteins and starchy foods are acid foods. Exercise improves circulation and ensures oxygen reaches all parts of the body. By incorporating the diet modifications, exercising, reducing stress, adding supplements and probiotics as lifestyle changes will go a long way in healing the body.

Once you conquer the problem of how long to starve the candida, you will understand that the Candida diet guidelines are relatively easy to follow but require a little discipline. The benefits of increased health and vitality far outweigh any hardship that they may cause. After all, to affect a permanent cure, the ultimate goal is not just relief of symptoms but a total feeling of wellness, in the body, in the mind, and in the spirit. The powerful all natural holistic treatment can do that

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