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I Am Taking Antibiotics and Now I Have a Yeast Infection: What Can I Do?

I am taking antibiotics and now I have a yeast infection these are the exact words of a friend who was recently diagnosed with yeast infection. This is nothing surprising as antibiotics can affect the balance of the bacteria that are considered to be beneficial for the body in general and for fighting yeast infection in particular. The delicate balance becomes unsettled and the naturally present useful bacteria are suppressed by the antibiotics.

I Am Taking Antibiotics And Now I Have A Yeast Infection

Thus, there is a greater likelihood of a person getting yeast infection if he or she is taking antibiotics. Antibiotics like erythromycin, penicillin, amoxicillin and tetracycline etc. are used for treatment and prevention of many diseases, both chronic and acute, by destroying and stopping the bacteria. The antibiotics, thus, increase the vulnerability to yeast infections as the natural pH level is changed considerably. The slightly acidic pH is altered and the healthy and useful bacteria perish off. If the bacteria are killed, then the immune system also becomes weak making a person more vulnerable to yeast infection.

Hence, if you are prescribed the use of oral antibiotics for whatever reason, then you must talk to the practitioner and clear your doubts regarding the use of antibiotics and likelihood of yeast infection. Always discuss with your doctor about all the medications that you are taking and seek the advice for alternative treatment. You can also opt for holistic approach to save yourself from the harsh medicines that along with antibiotics can have a negative impact on your health and over all well being.  It is also necessary to ascertain that your yeast infection is definitely triggered by antibiotics and not by some other condition.  Once this fact is ascertained, you can go ahead and take appropriate treatment along with essential preventive measures.   

Treatment of Yeast Infection

Now what should you do once you say to yourself that I am taking antibiotics and now I have yeast infection? Obviously the next step would be to treat your condition. Besides weaning yourself from antibiotics, you should also take help from holistic approach to promote overall healing.   The use of holistic approach is even more essential as the causes of yeast infection are diverse and only the comprehensiveness of this approach can deal with this sly condition. If your yeast infection is triggered due to the use of antibiotics then it is of paramount importance that you stay away from conventional drugs as it can greatly aggravate your condition. These medicines are expensive and have unwanted side effects. Hence, you should avoid conventional treatment and opt instead for holistic approach. Holistic approach is effective as it takes the entire human body into consideration and addresses the root cause by treating both the body and mind simultaneously.  Holistic approach can once again help the body to maintain the delicate internal balance thereby, repairing the damage brought on by antibiotics. Hence, holistic approach is imperative if you wish to cure yeast infection completely in a natural and safe manner.

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