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Many parents experience stabbing wounds of worry in their otherwise blissful world, when they see their young one suffering from infant yeast infection. Yeast infection is bad enough in adults. However, it can be particularly undesirable when it takes the shape of infant yeast infection. However, by understanding the nature and the symptoms of this ailment, you can take steps to treat this infection in your young one in the best possible way.

Infant Yeast Infection

What is infant yeast infection?

Infant yeast infection is nothing but yeast infection that affects young babies and infants. Usually, this infection surfaces in the diaper area and is mistaken to be a simple case of diaper rash. Yeast infection prominently affects girls, though many   boys also have to bear the brunt of this type of infection. Infant yeast infection needs to be treated at the earliest possible opportunity, as, if it is left untreated for long, it can lead to significant distress  in young babies. Untreated infant yeast infection can also lead to serious complications. Hence, even if it is not fatal, it is a cause of worry, especially in very young babies.

Causes of infant yeast infection

Infant yeast infection can be caused by a multitude of factors. Usually, yeast infection in pregnant women can be transferred to the child during birth. Hence, the child may suffer from yeast infection immediately after birth. Sometimes appropriate hygiene level is not maintained, especially when cleaning the genitals. This can promote excess moisture leading to yeast infection. Inappropriate washing, tight clothing can intensify the already prevalent yeast infection as well.  Some newborn babies can be put on medication for various reasons. The antibiotics can also lead to yeast infection, as they can harm the bacteria that keep yeast infection at bay.

It is necessary for parents to understand the exact cause of yeast infection in their own child. This can also aid further treatment.

Treating infant yeast infection

It is very tricky to treat infant yeast infection as many of the prescription drugs can prove to be inappropriate for young infants. Over-the-counter medicines should be strictly avoided when treating infant yeast infection. Many parents resort to herbal remedies and other forms of home remedies to provide relief to the young one. Unfortunately, the risks are not worth the efforts, as the effectiveness of such remedies can only offer parents and the infants temporarily respite from the infection.

Therefore, conventional treatment may disappoint the parents hoping for a complete recovery in their infants. These parents ultimately turn towards holistic approach to cure the infection in their infants. As alternative, holistic therapy does not cause side effects, it is considered to be safest form of treatment for infants. Also, holistic approach can guide the parents in a way that can enable them to prevent further infections in their infants. Though infant yeast infection can be treated easily with holistic approach, you must seek the opinion of your practitioner to get the green signal for this treatment and to understand the hidden benefits of this form of treatment before proceeding ahead. 

Infant Yeast Infection

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Infant Yeast Infection

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