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Is Intercourse Okay With Yeast Infection?

Many couples approach experts of yeast infection with only one question in mind, is intercourse okay with yeast infection? The concern reflected through this question is extremely valid. Several complications may arise after having a sexual intercourse with a partner who has this mortifying infection. Fortunately, you can still maintain an intimate relationship with your loved one by taking appropriate yeast infection treatment and after following a few precautions.

Intercourse Okay With Yeast Infection

What are the risks?

To know if sexual intercourse is okay with yeast infection, it is important to understand the risks involved in such a situation:

         Yeast infection is caused when Candida fungus starts multiplying in the body. Hence, sexual intercourse does not cause yeast infection but makes you more prone to this condition. Thus, if your partner has yeast infection, you may get this condition yourself at some point of time.

         Having intercourse can be very painful if you have yeast infection. Couples often experience soreness, redness of the genital areas, itchiness and more after the act.

         You may expose yourself to certain other infections that may make the road to full recovery long. Hence, Sexual intercourse can also mar healing process.

         If you or your partner has yeast infection, then you may experience several psychological problems during intercourse. For example, the white yellowish discharge can be a big turn off for many people.

         Couples intent on starting a family should defiantly get yeast infection out of the way as a pregnant woman may pass on yeast infection to her child.

Therefore, there are several physical as well as mental risks involved when having intercourse with yeast infection. However, there are also some myths with regards to yeast infection and physical relationship. For example, you will be relieved to know that yeast infection does not kill a sperm and does not make you infertile. It rarely ever causes sexual dysfunction either. Hence, there are some genuine risks and myths surrounding the question, is intercourse okay with yeast infection. The answer can also be very subjective as it depends on the sensitivity of the couples. If the couples are comfortable with all these risks, then the answer can be very different from the general opinion of professionals in medicine. Despite this, it is always better to get yeast infection treated as soon as possible as all said and done; yeast infection can pose many barriers between you and your partner.


Many couples take drugs and over the counters to treat yeast infection. However, as these drugs only relieve the symptoms, yeast infection will continue to create a barrier in your relationship and will continue to plague you with the question, is intercourse okay with yeast infection? Hence, you need a comprehensive and intelligent treatment like holistic approach in order to cure this condition. Holistic approach is also natural and safe and causes no side effects. It does not involve use of drugs but makes use of multidimensional facets of treatment including lifestyle modification, diet change, physical and mental exercises and more. Hence, holistic approach promotes healing at both physical and mental level. This treatment can also help couples to deal with emotional issues associated with their relationship. Overall, holistic approach can indirectly improve your relationship with your partner and can directly cure yeast infection in the process.

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