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Candida thrives on sugar. The more sugar it gets, the faster it propagates. So an anti-Candida diet has to be free of sugar in any form. Lack of sugar makes the Candida dormant allowing the immune system to get rid of them more efficiently.  But, along with killing the Candida, it is also necessary to build up the immune system. Since, ruits and vegetables supply the body with essential nutrients, enzymes and plenty of vitamins and minerals to help build immunity, you might want to consider “juicing” to kill candida.

Juicing To Kill Candida

As fruits are eliminated from an anti-Candida diet, freshly extracted vegetable juices are a good option. The juicing process removes the fiber so that a larger amount of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, etc.) can be taken into the body without stressing out the digestive system. The juices are in a form that can be utilized almost immediately by the body. Juices also expedite the cleansing-healing-rebuilding process.

An important point to remember while extracting juices of fruits and vegetables is to look for organically grown vegetables and fruits, as juicing non-organic produce will also concentrate the harmful pesticides and chemicals. Clean the fruits and vegetables thoroughly to kill any fungus or pathogenic bacteria as well as residues of pesticides that may have been used on them. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a good option to deal with this problem. If organic produce is not available, it is advisable to remove the rind or peel the fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, this will remove a lot of vitamins too. Another point to keep in mind is, to chew the vegetable juice and not drink it like a glass of water. This warms the juice to body temperature and also helps mix the juice with the saliva in the mouth which helps in faster absorption of nutrients. It is best to avoid combining vegetable and fruit juices.

Carrot juice is an ideal way to start a juice diet to kill Candida. Among fruit juices, fresh squeezed lemon juice in hot or cold water or herbal teas and unsweetened cranberry juice is allowed on the anti-Candida diet. The best juices will be the greens like wheatgrass, dandelion, escarole, endive, parsley, medicinal and aromatic herbs, lemons and limes. Spinach, turnip, broccoli, beet greens can also be used for variety. Tomatoes, watercress, aloe vera, pumpkin, fennel are also good for anti-Candida diet. Ginger or garlic may be added to the juices. Ginger will aid in digestion and the garlic will impart antifungal properties. Some individuals may not be able to tolerate beet or carrot juice due to high sugar content or pigment.

While, juicing to kill Candida is an option, it is not enough. Curing Candida overgrowth requires heroic efforts to create an internal environment in which the Candida can live with the other beneficial flora in harmony. This requires life-style changes, diet alterations, exercises, stress control, in other words, a holistic change.

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