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List of Candida Symptoms:
Initial Diagnosis is Crucial to Your Health

The yeast Candida albicans is an insidious and tricky pathogen and once there is widespread infection, it is very difficult to get it under control. One of the most common Candida infections is the vaginal yeast infection. But the main residence of the yeast is the gastrointestinal tract, through which it can burrow holes and enter the blood stream and find its way into any organ of the body.  Brain is the most frequently affected organ but Candida may also affect digestive, muscular, nervous, genitourinary, cardiovascular, endocrine, and lymphatic or just about every system in the human body. To be able to diagnose the presence of candida in your body, it is important to know a list of candida symptoms.

List Of Candida Symptoms

Symptoms of Candida are of wide variety and all encompassing and can vary from one person to another and often move between systems within the same individual. One day the person may manifest musculoskeletal symptoms and the very next day it could be digestive symptoms. Symptoms of Candida generally become worse in damp and muggy environment. They may also vary with diet. Stress can trigger the symptoms or make them worse. In fact, quite a few maladies, syndromes, and conditions have been attributed to Candida. The symptoms of Candida include the following:

·         General lethargy and a feeling of tiredness, chronic fatigue.

·         Muscle aches and weakness, joint pain and swelling.

·         Gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, belching.

·         Persistent vaginal itching, burning and “cottage-cheese” discharge.

·         Burning sensation during urinating and urinary tract infections which do not respond to antibiotics, cystitis.

·         Numbness, burning and tingling.

·         Poor memory.

·         Nail bed infections.

·         Loss of sexual desire.

·         Menstrual irregularity and cramping, difficult menopause, vaginitis.

·         Insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks, mood swings and crying.

·         Infertility.

·         Prostatitis.

·         Itchy rash on penis, erectile dysfunction.

·         Headaches, migraine.

·         Dry mouth often with white coating on the tongue, bad breath.

·         Cravings for sweet and alcohol.

·         Itchy scalp and excessive hair loss.

·         Persistent cough and recurring bronchitis.

·         Sore throat, canker sores in the mouth, infections around the corners of the mouth.

·         Earaches, nasal congestion.

·         Eczema, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, diaper rash, chronic hives.

·         Chronic sinus infection, frequent colds.

·         Cognitive impairment.

·         Acid reflux or heart burn.

·         Athlete’s foot.

·         Thrush.

·         Unexplained allergies and new sensitivities to foods and chemicals.


Considering the wide variety in the list of Candida symptoms most doctors fail to diagnose the yeast infection and patients are usually told that it is a stress or psychiatric problem at best or that they are hypochondriacs at worst before arriving at the correct cause. Correcting the root cause requires holistic therapy. It will not only relieve the symptoms but also help you to permanently get rid of the Candidiasis safely and effectively.

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