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Male Yeast Infection: EXPOSED

Male yeast infection, also known as candida balanitis or male candidiasis, is a subtype of a fungal infection named Candidiasis. Male yeast infection can lead to the inflammation of the glans penis - the vascular body at the apex of the penis. Like another subtypes of Candidiasis (such as vaginal Candida infection and oral cavity), male candidiasis is caused by Candida species, most common of which is Candida albicans. The microorganisms that accelerate Candida infection growth are normally present on the skin of the glans, but certain factors/conditions can lead to their multiplication and result in yeast overgrowth.

Male Yeast Infection

Most common male yeast infection triggers are:

         Insufficient personal hygiene.

         Using glycerine based lubricants and soaps that contain color and odor additives.

         Certain health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes. Resent researches support the assumption that an unbalanced diet and lifestyle can contribute to overall health conditions and accelerate the development of candida balanitis .

         Sexual contact with a woman who suffers from candidiasis; for this reason, a simultaneous treatment of both partners is necessary for efficient and permanent therapy of this medical condition.

Male yeast infection is relatively rare; however, it is more common in male adults than in children, and in uncircumcised males rather than circumcised males.

Some symptoms of male candidiasis are easily identified visually. The prevalent ones are as follows:

         Occasional penile discharge;

         Stinging or tingling and an uncomfortable sensation in the penis;

         Swollenness, redness and extreme sensitivity in the penis;

         Blotchy painful rash on the glans penis.

According to the widely accepted assumption, candida balanitis is a minor problem. However, it affects an important part of a male body, which is strongly associated with self-image among men, and therefore can cause psychological damage as well. In addition to that, neglected male yeast infection can lead to severe complications, such as phimosis, which causes the foreskin adhesion to the inflamed and swollen glans penis. In order to prevent an unwanted development such as this, the manifestation of candida balanitis symptoms must be followed by an appropriate male yeast infection treatment. Likewise, professional diagnosis by an experienced clinician is necessary to differentiate male candidiasis from sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes.

Once male yeast infection is diagnosed, alternative non-medicinal male yeast infection treatments are recommended. An example of those male yeast infection treatments is keeping your personal hygiene by taking a daily shower that includes washing the penis head and foreskin, as well as keeping the penis area dry during the rest of the day. In relatively severe cases, a physician can prescribe anti-fungal creams and pills. However, following the rules of good personal hygiene, while not addressing the factors that trigger candida balanitis, are not the best means to prevent the male yeast infection recurrence.

In case of recurring male yeast infection symptoms, and especially if you suffer from systemic Candida infection, you should seriously consider taking the holistic approach. The holistic way, which is based on set of all natural herbal remedies, supplementation, dietary changes, detoxification and lifestyle changes, is aimed at fixing the internal cause of male candidiasis, thus eliminating its related symptoms permanently and preventing its recurrence safely and effectively.

Male Yeast Infection

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Male Yeast Infection

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