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Oil Pulling Treatment for
Yeast Infection that WORKS

Many are using a technique called oil pulling to naturally cleanse their body and relieve yeast infection symptoms. Itís used once or twice a week and many claim its healing powers also cure many other ailments such as asthma, headaches, migraines, arthritis and more.

Oil Pulling And Yeast Infection

Oil Pulling is an uncomplicated process, which is recommended to be performed first thing in the morning.

Itís best to be done right after brushing your teeth. Additionally, there are specific oils that you should use to perform oil pulling, as not all oils behave the same. Researchers believe that sunflower and sesame oil are more effective and bring about the best benefits.

Itís best to perform oil pulling on an empty stomach. Recommended dosages are one table spoon of oil, sesame or sun flower is best, into your mouth and swish around making sure the oil blends throughout your teeth, tongue and gums. Perform this very slowly as it would be quite hard at the beginning. Continue this process for 15 to 20 minutes until you notice the oil turning thin and become easier to move around your mouth.

When done properly, your mouth will become full of the oil and drained toxins after about 15 to 20 minutes at which time you discard all the oil from your mouth.

Check the color of the oil; it should be white. If the oil still has a yellowish hue, then you haven't performed the process correctly or perhaps not long enough. Start the process over again, following the same directions. Swish the oil around the mouth and do not forget to clean out the basin properly as the discarded oil contains millions of toxins and bacteria. You may need to take one or two cleansing glasses of water after the oil pulling.

Oil pulling is a holistic Ayurvedic purification method that cleans out the germs, bacteria and toxins from your body. Oil pulling can be performed 2 or 3 times a day based on your health condition or if you need a fast result. But itís best performed on an empty stomach.

This process is a more natural holistic approach to ridding your body of toxins that encourage yeast infections to grow.

Never swallow the oil because it contains the germs and toxins that you want to rid your body of. Remember, at times a problem can seem to get worse before it gets better. Discontinue any oil pulling for a few days if your symptoms become worse. Then you can resume the treatments. Give yourself short mending times in between and your system will benefit to a more relaxed normal process within a short period of time.

Oil pulling has been practiced for a very long time in countries, such as India and China, but itís a relatively new healing concept in the United States.

Remember that although specific natural treatments, such as oil pulling, can bring about quick relief from yeast infection symptoms, they cannot cure the root cause of this medical condition. Did you know that there is an all-natural holistic treatment that can cure your yeast infection safely, lastingly and effectively by tackling all internal contributing factors? Here it is!

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