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Oral Thrush: the TRUTH
behind Oral Thrush

Oral Thrush is an infection of the mouth, which is caused by the Candida fungus. Under this condition the fungus Candida albicans accumulates on the lining of your mouth causing creamy white lesions, usually on your tongue or inner cheeks.

Oral Thrush

Oral thrush occurs due to an imbalance and overgrowth of the Candida in the body in comparison to other microorganisms. Small amounts of the Candida fungus are present in the mouth, digestive tract, and skin of most healthy people and are normally kept in check by other bacteria and microorganisms in the body. However certain illnesses, improper food habits or medications can disturb the delicate balance, causing the Candida to grow out of control, causing the infection.

In simple words, the cause of Oral thrush and other Candida infections is a weak immune system which may be because of a disease or drugs or when antibiotics disturb the natural balance of microorganisms in your body.

Oral thrush usually develops suddenly, but it may become chronic, persisting over a long period of time. The common symptoms of thrush are pain or difficulty swallowing, feeling that food gets stuck in the throat or mid-chest area or fever if the infection spreads beyond the esophagus. Thrush is common among infants and toddlers as they have a less developed immune system but anyone can develop oral thrush when the system is delicate and susceptible to infections.

The treatments for thrush therefore vary from person to person; depend upon the age and cause of infection though the aim remains to stop the spread of the fungus. Toddlers with this infection follow a course of antibiotics as per the doctor. Unsweetened yogurt may also be suggested for the child's diet to help restore the natural balance of bacteria. This is also true for adults.

For a breast-feeding infant who has oral thrush, both the mother and the baby need to be treated with antifungal medication for the baby and an antifungal cream for mother. However, all medical treatments have one common downside: they are aimed at tackling the symptoms of oral thrush while neglecting its root cause. Therefore, medications cannot prevent Candida infection recurrence and create a long-term dependency.

The one thing that remains common in all age groups is the treatment, which most specialists suggest-- holistic treatment. The holistic approach to such infections give you the best natural cure minus the side effects adding the much needed boost to your weakening systems.

Prevention yet again is the best for oral thrush as it has the habit of coming back. You need to reduce your risk of developing Candida infections by limiting the amount of sugar and yeast-containing foods. Oral thrush needs preventive measures like following proper oral hygiene practices, visiting your dentist regularly and following instructions, and if you smoke and have a past encounter with thrush it is advisable to quit smoking.

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