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Oral Yeast Infection Prescription Meds

An oral yeast infection, otherwise known as Thrush, is a common oral infection that typically affects many newborns and younger children. However, this oral yeast infection can also be found in adults. Itís caused by the Candida Albicans yeast- the same yeast that causes vaginal infections.

Oral Yeast Infection Prescription Meds

One of the common problems of this type of yeast infection is that Candida Albicans is not foreign to our body. It is a fungus that normally survives in our bodies with other microorganisms.

When these bacteria increase in speed and begin to grow out of control, this often results in an oral yeast infection--thrush. This bacterial overgrowth can fluctuate in severity and more women are at risk, especially those taking oral contraceptives and other prescribed medicines.

The oral yeast infection appears as white patches along the tongue and in the mouth and throat. While there is normally no pain, if not treated properly, it can become painful to chew and swallow. And it is easily transmitted. You could develop rashes on top of the tongue and gums, making it difficult to eat. Women breastfeeding can transfer this oral yeast infection to their infant and with a broad range of symptoms; the oral yeast infection can remain undetected.

Oral Yeast Infections: Common Causes and Treatment

Adult thrush is commonly caused by the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics can eliminate harmful bacteria and destroy lactobacilli, an organism required by the body to keep Candida Albicans fungus under control. This fungus flourishes on the high glucose levels found in saliva.

There are people at a higher risk of developing oral yeast infections; those individuals who smoke, wear dentures and women taking birth control pills.

A doctor or sometimes a dentist usually treats oral yeast infections, with prescription medicines such as, Fluconazole (Diflucan), Nystatin or Amphotericin lozenges. Diflucan has the advantage of a smaller dosage, only once per day versus taking Nystatin three times daily until all signs of the oral yeast infection is gone. The lozenge, Amphotericin allows the medicine amphotericin to perform directly onto the area of the yeast infection.

Whereas most doctors will suggest an oral yeast infection prescription med for this condition, researched studies have found that an all natural holistic approach, in most cases, outperforms pharmaceutical treatments, which are mostly aimed at relieving yeast infection symptomsónot the root cause.

Since yeast infection is a multifactorial medical condition, caused by numerous internal and external factors and cofactors, a comprehensive holistic approach is the only one that can tackle all yeast infection root causes. Implementing a holistic health approach will help you to build up a healthy environment in your body to prevent Candida from invading and taking over.


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