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Over the Counter Vaginal Yeast Infection Medications DON'T WORK

Using over-the-counter medication for vaginal yeast infection is an old and common way of trying to tackle this infection. However, recent findings have raised some doubts regarding the efficiency of this nonprescription approach. Though these medications can soothe the symptoms, it is now believed that they are incapable of curing yeast infection.

Over The Counter Medication And Vaginal Yeast Infection

Common over – the – counter treatments for vaginal yeast infections


There are different forms of medications for vaginal yeast infections. Some are available in pills, while others are available in lotions and creams. Hence, they provide an average sufferer with different attractive options when it comes to relieving vaginal yeast infection.  Most of these treatments make use of four main types of products in the medication. These include miconazole, butoconazole nitrate, tioconazole and clotrimazole. These four main products are extremely efficient when it comes to disintegrating or breaking the cell wall of the candida organism that eventually leads to temporary relief from the infection. However, these products affect only the candida organism and not the cause that leads to the uncontrolled growth of this otherwise docile fungus, which is present in all individuals.

Other common forms of nonprescription treatment include antihistamines, which are known commonly as topical anesthetics. These are used to relieve the symptoms. Despite the relief, the source of this infection is never wiped out. This bears a smarting testimony to the ineffectiveness of these medications even though it has enjoyed wide scale publicity.


Disadvantages of over – the – counter medication


There are many limitations and disadvantages. Some of them include the following.

·    Misdiagnosis with self-medicating inappropriately

·    Side Effects include potential liver and kidney damage with prolonged use

·    Relieve symptoms without curing the actual infection or stamping out the cause

·    Fail to provide long-term relief from the infection


In order to eradicate the infection and prevent a reoccurrence, the sensible method is the holistic approach, which centers on healthy lifestyle choices, better diet and exercise, along with vitamins and natural supplements.  It ventures where no over – the – counter can ever reach. A Holistic approach can root out the infection effectively without causing any side effects. Hence, if you get unfortunate enough to get vaginal yeast infection, don’t make matters worse for yourself with over – the – counters. You can turn things around using a holistic approach to achieve maximum health benefits.

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