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Pimples Caused Due to Yeast Infection
Are a WARNING Sign

Sometimes, people donít outgrow pimples even after their teens. They attribute the causes to many factors including pollution, faulty diet and more. Many people suffering from a yeast infection donít suspect that the accompanying pimples are caused from that infection.New research has demonstrated that pimples can in fact be caused by the yeast infection.

Pimples Due To Yeast Infection

Pimples and yeast infection

Skin infections can be caused by an overgrowth of a specific type of fungus called Cutaneous candidiasis.When the sites are moist, the formation of pimples occurs. Hence, they appear on genitals and under the armpits.

Pimples associated with Candida are red and may have pustules.Generally, they are hard to treat and require special attention.

People prone to pimples may have the following problems:

†††††††† Obesity: a contributing factor to yeast infection, it can also be due to poor diet and lack of physical activity.

†††††††† Diabetes: a condition related to high blood sugar levels may prompt intense growth of yeast infection. This can ultimately result in acne and pimples on any surface of the skin.

†††††††† Usage of medication: Some specific medication including antibiotics can harm useful microorganisms that control the growth of Cutaneous Candidiasis. Hence, excessive medication can ultimately lead to all the symptoms of this infection including pimples.

†††††††† Contributing factors: supplementary factors can cause pimples in individuals suffering from yeast infection. Some of these factors include poor habits like excessive drinking, smoking, consumption of fried food and sedentary lifestyle. Poor hygiene can also lead to the growth of the fungus resulting finally in pimples.

One cannot treat acne without also addressing the yeast infection.By ridding oneself of the fungal overgrowth, one may eradicate the pimples as well.

Treatment option

Conventional medication can help you manage your skin infection.†† However, until and unless yeast infection itself is not tackled, you cannot hope to get relief from this problem.

To get complete respite from your problem, you will have to seek more substantial form of treatment, which is offered less by conventional treatment and more by alternative forms of treatment. A Holistic approach is a must when dealing with the symptoms caused by yeast infection. This is because the holistic approach does not simply take into account the outward symptoms, but also addresses the core problem.A holistic practitioner will therefore recommend a mode of treatment that will aim at eliminating pimples caused due to yeast infection while also achieving maximum health overall.

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