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Simple Yeast Infection Home Remedy that WORKS

Yeast infection is a medical condition where there is an overgrowth in the number of microbial organisms known as Candida. This medical condition is also known as Candidiasis. These microorganisms are actually present in small quantities in various parts of the human body like the skin, genital areas, mouth, mucous membranes and oesophageal and respiratory tract lining etc. Whenever there is an imbalance or slight alterations in the body environments, acid-alkaline levels and pH balance, these bacteria multiply and form an overgrowth causing yeast infection. As conventional medicine cannot guarantee to cure yeast infection, people are turning towards simple home remedies for a yeast infection in order to get some relief from this mortifying condition.

Simple Home Remedy For A Yeast Infection

Causes and symptoms of Yeast Infection: 

Yeast infection is caused due to the excess growth of candida fungus. This excess growth is caused due to numerous causative factors including weak immune system, poor dietary habits, excessive sugar intake, broken skin and mucous membranes, use of antibiotics, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle factors like stress and more. The common symptoms of yeast infections include redness, soreness, itching, burning and whitish or yellowish discharge accompanied by or without foul odour. These discomforting symptoms are the first to alert an individual to the possibility of yeast infection and stimulate him or her to try out simple home remedies for a yeast infection treatment. 

Home remedy treatment

Yeast infections can be treated in many ways. While some adopt conventional medicine, others prefer alternative medicine therapy. However, almost all people use some type of home remedy to treat this condition at a personal level.  There are several home remedies available for treating yeast infections. These are however found to be helpful in relieving the symptoms only and do not treat or remove the root cause.

 Some women make use of plain yogurt to relieve the burning sensation. Yogurt is a natural probiotic and proves to be quite useful. The acidophilus pills are also a good remedy for relieving the yeast infection symptoms. Some women drink baking soda with warm water and find it to be quite soothing. Another home remedy is that of applying frozen tea bags to the affected area. Standing in a Luke warm water bath mixed with half cup of salt and half cup of vinegar is also very comforting and relaxing.

The home remedies are inexpensive and do not have any side effects. However, all simple home remedies for a yeast infection follow a one-dimensional approach to treatment. Therefore, they do not go further than treating the symptoms of this condition.  As home remedies fail to address the root cause and are unable to fix the causative factors, they cannot cure yeast infection at all. To achieve this feat, you have to make use of only holistic approach. Holistic approach is most successful as it treats the underlying causes and resolves the problem completely. It focuses on enhancing immunity, improving mental health and maintaining inner balance. Holistic approach is comprehensive and multidimensional. Unlike simple home remedies for a yeast infection, holistic approach is also scientific and does not rely on superficial knowledge to treat this condition. Holistic approach is also extremely versatile and individualistic in approach. Hence, rather than treating the disease, it treats the individuals as a whole. Therefore, you cannot get complete relief from yeast infection without the help of reliable and efficient holistic approach.

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