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Skin Rash Might Be a WARNING Sign of Yeast Infection

Are skin rashes and skin irritations an evidence of having yeast infection? Prior to discussing the connection between candida infection and the above symptoms, let's briefly explain what yeast infection is and the process of candida infection formation that often manifests as common skin problems, among other internal and external symptoms.

Skin Yeast Infection

What is Candidiasis?

Yeast is a medical term for single-celled fungi. The variety of yeast species that are often present in the human body are called Candida, whereas infections caused by these microbes are known as yeast infections, or candidiasis. In a healthy body the beneficial intestinal flora and a functional immune system are enough to control Candida. However, under certain conditions (such as the loss of the friendly bacteria, exposure to stress, heavy consumption of candida aggravating foods) the normal ratio of Candida and the beneficial microorganisms is disrupted. At this stage Candida multiplies rapidly, turns into its fungal form and tears the walls of intestines, penetrating the blood flow and transferring yeast infection to different parts of the body.

While candidiasis can affect the whole body, it can manifest locally as well. Skin yeast infection, also referred to as candidal skin infection, is one of the most common local subtypes of yeast infection, which can manifest nearly anywhere on the body where there is skin fold: under the arms, in the groin, under the breasts, between the toes, in the skin around the fingernails, and under the folds of the abdomen skin among obese individuals.

Individuals with weakened immune systems, those who suffer from intense stress (strong immune system is essential to control Candida multiplication) and those who insist on unhealthy dietary patterns (especially intensive consumption of foods that feed Candida, such as refined carbohydrates and yeasty foods) are the most susceptible to yeast overgrowth. The intake of oral contraceptives, antibiotics and immune suppressant medications, alongside with exaggerated consumption of alcohol, caffeine, refined carbohydrates and processed foods can also decrease the levels of beneficial flora, feed canddia and thus contribute to the likelihood of candidiasis. In addition to that, toe candidal skin infection may be associated with tight fitting or closed-toe shoes and frequently affects those who are involved in sport activities.

Self-diagnosis of candidal skin infection.

In order to make an initial self-diagnosis of candidal skin infection and to distinguish it from other skin disorders, one must identify several additional symptoms. The typical local symptoms include reddish-brown rash, which sometimes becomes crusty and can ooze; erythema, cracking, or maceration; wetness and soreness in skinfolds-areas; itching, burning, and pain in the infected areas;
and presence of satellite papules or pustules. In case of severe yeast infection, local symptoms may be accompanied by internal/mental or emotional related symptoms, such as digestive problems, food allergies, bad breath, recurrent diarrhea, bloating, mood swings, fatigue, blurry visions, depression, craving for sugar and other refined carbohydrates etc.

In the past it was widely assumed that skin yeast infections occurred locally and could be effectively eliminated using topical antifungal preparations. It is a fact that medical doctors still encourage treating skin candidiasis by means of antifungal creams. However, as already mentioned yeast infections are triggered mostly by internal factors, hence curing candida overgrowth and its related symptoms cannot be achieved by tackling the visible external symptoms while neglecting the root causes. Moreover, if the underlying conditions that lead to yeast infection are left untreated, it can lead to the recurrence of the disease and to the worsening of its related symptoms.

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Skin Yeast Infection

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Skin Yeast Infection

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