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Symptoms of Oral Candida

Oral Candida is a type of opportunistic infection which is caused by the universal fungi Candida which is already present in the body. Candida produces infections within the mouth when proper influencing factors are present. This type of infection usually harms the skin as well as the mucous membranes.

Symptoms Oral Candida

Oral Candida is a disorder which occurs due to the building up of the Candida on the lining of the mouth. The various symptoms of oral Candida include white skin flakes and plagues, raw skin areas, inner lip rash and lip rash at corners of mouth and low-grade fever. It mostly occurs in babies, older adults and people with depressed immune system.

It may occur as a minor problem for healthy babies and adults but the symptoms of oral Candida are more severe and also difficult to control. Oral Candida leads to white lesions on the tongue or inner cheeks. It can also spread to the roof of the mouth, gums, tonsils or even the back of the throat. The lesions usually resemble cottage cheese can be painful. It can also bleed slightly when rubbed.

The symptoms of oral Candida mostly develop all of a sudden but they are tending to be present for a long time. The lesions also have a likelihood of spreading into the esophagus which is termed Candida esophagitis. This causes difficulty in swallowing.

Oral Candida is characterized by the habit of persisting over a long time in the body. In immune systems that are weak by diseases like HIV or cancer oral Candida slowly affects the other parts like lungs and liver. In order to cure yourself all one needs to do is work faster on the symptoms of oral Candida noticed and it is equally essential to work to kill the root cause of the thrush.

Oral Candida needs the cleaning of the overgrown number of Candida in the body. This can be done by cutting out on wrong eating habits. Along with these it is always advisable to follow a proper oral hygiene. And to keep Candida in the right numbers in the body always to avoid any kind of infection, keep the level of sugar, carbohydrate and yeast content in your diet low.

Oral thrush symptoms are very much visible which makes the diagnosis simpler. Natural foodstuff like unsweetened yogurt, grapefruit seed extract, garlic and many such other if included in the diet can help bring back the number of Candida down and give your weak immune a boast and not only calm the oral Candida symptoms but also work towards curing it.

Holistic healthcare practitioners recommend diets high in fiber, essential fatty acids, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, cranberries, and garlic to get oral Candida cured soon.

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